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The art of advertising

Creative without strategy is called “art.”
Creative with strategy is called “advertising.”
— Jef I. Richards

If somebody were to ask you: “What do you think about an advertising?” What would be your answer? I’m pretty sure most would say that it’s something annoying or boring, and you would do everything to block it and never see it again.

I agree. Sometimes it can be very frustrating and very unprofessional.

But here, in this blog, we’re going to talk only about the top advertising campaigns, which were created by experts in the field.

The art of advertising can be very complicated and very interesting at the same time.

German supermarket Edeka has released this heartbreaking Christmas commercial. The ad has been viewed 30 million times on YouTube in less than a week.

It’s very important theme of elderly loneliness along with the song Dad by Neele Ternes and Supreme Music make this advertisement so powerful.

Watch it and don’t forget about your loved ones.

Anna Yudin

Anna Yudin

Anna Yudin is the Marketing Director at the NewBostonPost.