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The cost of caring

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This blog was submitted in response to “An open letter to college crybabies from a CEO

Dear “ADULTS,”

What is life, if not an opportunity?

What is life, if not a gateway to dreams and passions? If not experiences that will stir the soul and light a fire within our core?

Do you feel it? This passion, this constant need for something bigger, something better; something that we can create if we just try hard enough to make a change.

We want to stir the world and shake it with every ounce in our being.


Mr. and Mrs. ADULT, what do you want? Do you want that desk job that makes above minimum wage? Maybe that new flat screen TV or that sleek boat you drove past a week ago? Do you want a straightforward life, where you get what you deserve and work hard for? Perhaps you simply want fat stacks of green that will ensure you live a stable and honest life…

We – us “crybabies” – want to make a difference in the world. We are “sensitive” and “emotional” because we feel. so. much.

We understand what needs to change in the world, but the impact one person has on such a great mass seems minute. You think that we are pampered and spoiled, ignorant to the hardships of the world, but it is quite the opposite.

We are livid with the world. A world in which we respect and love, but most importantly, a world in which we want to help.

Our fury stems from the unfairness that festers in every aspect of life.

Our eyes see the pollution that has been accumulating in the ocean for generations.

We are aware of the melting ice caps, the rising temperature, and extinction of species due to humankind.

The stereotypes and discrimination is something that affects all of us, but change is hard.

Conflicts of politics and of the world are not strangers to us – we engage.

Children and education are something we connect deeply with, and when there are problems concerning such things, our hearts wrench with sympathy.

So, Mr. and Mrs. ADULT, I ask you now: Why? Why do you view millennials with such detest and hatred?

We are trying our hardest to make the world better and impact lives.

There are so many people in the world who are considered millennials but the examples you have provided are from a select few. Those few show the extremely sensitive, not the respectable sensitivity that we are capable of.

The same goes for me.

I’ve written about the few that break your “crybaby” vision of the generation that will take over one day. But these few are the ones that will be remembered when our time comes, not the ones you have shown the world.


Whitney Bolibol
A mere crybaby college student

Whitney Bolibol is an aspiring author who is passionate about the world. She is majoring in English and International Studies at Gonzaga University, class of 2018.