The BLOG: Campaign 2016

There’s a secret society among Trumpers

A hidden smile. A gentle tip of the hat. A wink.

Some might suggest it’s simply friendly strangers passing. But we Trumpers know the truth.

There’s a reason they call us The Silent Majority.

We hold each other in high regard, though there are many of us who hold a code of secrecy. There’s something we share. There’s something that binds us together. There’s a hope and an energy that has created a unity among us.

It’s not so much about a love for the man as it is a love for the country. A deep, almost pulsing passion for the ‘Merica that so many of us fear is slipping away.

I decided to test my theory. On Saturday, I proudly donned my Make America Great Again hat. I visited the grocery store in liberal Connecticut. A gas station. A farmer’s market event. Costco. Places that are about as apolitical as they come.

And all day long, it happened.

People passing by – closely – leaving me with a whisper.

“Love the hat.”

People looking at my head then making eye contact with me and giving me a great big smile – only to quickly glance around and then lower their eyes and keep walking.

Liberals can’t understand us. They can’t wrap their heads around how we could support a man who “says mean things.”

I can see it in their eyes. Looks of disgust.

When they can’t understand it, they fight it in ways that are unsubstantiated.

You hate black people. You hate gay people. You hate Muslims. You hate Mexicans. You hate women.

Nope. We don’t. We love every true patriot – regardless of their race, their sexual preference, their religion, their socio-economic background or anything else.

Granted, we don’t particularly care for the liberal who can’t make much stronger than a second grade argument in support of their candidate. But hate? Hate is a strong word. We don’t hate you. Pity, perhaps. But not hate.

As for those liberals? I give them smiles that are even bigger than the smiles that I offer in passing to other Trumpers.

It’s because I belong to something they just don’t get. It’s because I feel an energy that they can’t see. It’s because I feel a pride that they don’t understand.

But enough about that. I’ve already broken the first rule of the society. We don’t talk about our society…we just carefully look around for others who may also be in it.

And the good news is that they’re everywhere.

Are you in it? You’re not alone – let’s connect. And give this a little share so others know they’re not alone.

America. We’re here to take you back.

Kyle S. Reyes is President and CEO of The Silent Partner Marketing. He’s also an acclaimed keynote speaker on entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing and social media. You can find him on Facebook and LinkedIn. Read his past blogs here.