The BLOG: Campaign 2016

Trump’s new American spring

(AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty, File)

(AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty, File)

How do the elite rule?  Wyndham Lewis in The Art Of Being Ruled said by the use of snobbery. Snobbery arises when a person has social aspirations. One moves up in our society by conforming to the consensus (a set of anti values) established by the corporate media and the billionaire magnates of Hollywood.

The current media barrage attacking Mr. Donald Trump’s character is a frightening example of this snobbism from a powerful  minority imposing itself on the American people. Anyone not conforming to their established consensus is despised, ostracized as an inferior and looked down upon in contempt by the self-anointed smart set. Lies are made up against you. Names like “racist”, ‘bigot” and of course “fascist” are hurled at you.

But it’s not working . People are tired of the vacuity of the establishment. Tired of being shouted at by radio, and imposed upon by the inane flickering shadows of television. The unceasing establishment media’s propaganda compelling them what to believe has backfired. Increasingly people are taking to the internet for news and turning off the establishment media.

Hillary Clinton employed these snob tactic many times, most notably by calling Mr. Trump’s supporters, “a basket of deplorables.” She made these statements in front of a  collection of her wealthy elite patrons made up largely of the corporate media and Hollywood film cattle types. You know the sort. They are famous for being famous without the ancient definition of fame which required a dedication to virtue and honor. Incapable of reasoned discussion of issues facing our country, they resort to sensation and sentimental sloganeering. They have no intellect but are emotive children masquerading as intelligent.

The word snob comes from an abbreviation in England used in directories to distinguish the nobility from the commoners. “Sine nobilitate’  means “ not of the nobility” – “s.nob” from which the word snob comes. A snob was someone overly concerned with who was noble and who was not.

Our snobbish media elite hold the American people in contempt. They would have a world of docile minds in which people react to their continual pressure as to what opinion to take. Their doctored polls being the latest example.They would have a world of unconscious minds melted into a universal fatuousness. This is the dream world of Hillary Clinton – a world without borders where the nation ceases to be a nation. Where there are no longer American, Spanish, Russian or Irish people but a collection of individuals who are nothing.

This was to be the last election in the USA. The machinery was being created to ensure that a uniparty figure would henceforth be cloned every four years from the establishment mould. The United States would gradually give up her sovereignty to the new world order ruled by a huge unelected undemocratic, inhuman bureaucracy.

But along came Donald Trump who threw a monkey wrench into their plans. Trump is the man our country has been yearning for. A genuine leader who made his money the old fashion way by earning it. A builder of buildings an owner or real estate whose assets are invested in America not in international stock jobbing or speculations so loathed by our Founding Fathers.

Trump’s ongoing conversation with American people draws thousands of people to his rallies. Many of them previously disenfranchised and disillusioned from the political process because of the gross incompetence of the Obama administration who is a running sore on our nation. Obama and Hillary Clinton have brought the United States into disrepute and disrespect around the world.

Trump’s great practical ability and experience working with all different types of people in business and outsider non elitist status is exactly what America needs to rebuild itself. When elected president, his innovative vigeur will bring about a new American spring for our country.

Patrick J. Walsh is a freelance writer from Quincy. Read his past columns here.