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Want To Burn Our Flag and Kneel For Our Anthem? Then You’d Better Allow THIS.

We need to have some real talk today about the hypocrisy of people in America calling for the removal of statues and the banning of free speech.

Listen up.

I, and many patriotic Americans, have a problem when people burn the American flag.  A big problem with it. 

I, and many patriotic Americans, am disgusted at seeing people take a knee during the National Anthem.  Totally disgusted.

But when we even talk about the disrespect … we’re attacked by those who cry “free speech” and insist that allowing people to disrespect the flag or our National Anthem is the most patriotic thing we can do.

After all, people fought and died for their right to that speech – whether we agree with the message or not.

In that argument … let’s not also forget that we as Americans have the constitutionally protected right to call these unpatriotic individuals “idiots.”

You know who else are idiots?  People who would march in support of Nazis or the KKK. 

But as much as we may – and should be – disgusted by it … they have the constitutionally protected right to do it.

The U.S. Constitution doesn’t just protect speech that we like or agree with.

Now let me share with you the argument between a friend and me recently over this very topic.

He argued that any “racist” statue or monument should be removed.  Get rid of it.  Pretend it was never there.

He says these “free speech” groups shouldn’t be allowed to speak – at all. 

His argument?  “There are limits on freedom of speech.”

He says free speech that isn’t moral shouldn’t be allowed.

But here’s the problem … and here’s why I believe that arguments like his aren’t just WRONG, they are DANGEROUS.

The Constitution is objective. Morals, on the other hand, are subjective.

Laws aren’t built around morals.  They are built around the Constitution. 

Take, for example, abortion.  I believe that using abortion as a form of birth control is immoral.  He would argue that it’s fine.

But since I find abortion immoral, if we use my friend’s “moral” argument, then abortion should be banned. Right?

After all:  If some people find certain speech hateful and therefore immoral and therefore it should be banned, then if I find abortion hateful and therefore immoral … therefore it should be banned.

See the slippery slope?  Who gets to define what is and isn’t moral?  Haven’t religions feuded for centuries over this?

Three years ago, people weren’t calling for the removal of everything from Civil War statues to Mount Rushmore.

But now, the lunacy is so great that even ESPN is pulling an announcer from a game because his NAME is apparently racist.

It’s out of control.  And if you can’t see it, then you’re part of the problem. 

So let’s be real for a second.

This has NOTHING to do with racism.  If it did, this would have been a battle for the past several years. 

This is entirely about the Left throwing a temper tantrum because they don’t like President Donald Trump … and because they believe that everyone who voted for him is a “deplorable.”

I want to see racism eliminated.  But if we’re going to do it … we need to take it seriously and address it at its root. 

Perhaps we could start by agreeing that anyone who supports Nazis, the KKK, burning the American flag, or kneeling during the anthem is an idiot?

No?  I guess we’ll never all see eye-to-eye on what’s moral.  Good thing we have the Constitution to sort all that out.


Kyle S. Reyes is co-host of The Whiskey Patriots and the Chief Executive Officer of The Silent Partner Marketing. Reyes is also an acclaimed keynote speaker on entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing and social media. You can follow him on Facebook.