Warren backs Obama nuclear deal but doesn’t trust Iran

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WASHINGTON – Senator Elizabeth Warren doubled down on her pro-Iran deal stance and told the NewBostonPost in a prepared statement Monday morning that while she does not trust the terror-sponsoring nation, she is nonetheless “convinced” that the deal ironed out by President Barack Obama’s administration will not lead to a nuclear-armed Iran.

“This agreement presents a comprehensive set of restrictions to block Iran’s path to a nuclear bomb,” Warren stated, added that the deal “allows us continuous access to key facilities” and “imposes stringent verification measures to ensure that Iran’s entire fuel cycle is peaceful.”

“If Iran cheats, we will be able to respond with the strength and support of the world behind us. If at any point the United States doubts Iran’s compliance, the agreement gives the United States extraordinary power to re-impose sanctions unilaterally.”

Warren also said, however, that she “does not trust” the Iran regime, which she said “continues to terrorize its neighbors.”

Warren added that Iran also continues to “undermine international peace and stability” and noted that the deal “does not end our significant disputes” with Iran.
The existing sanctions imposed due to Iran’s “sponsorship of terrorism and human rights abuses” will remain in place, Warren pointed out.

“We must continue to work with the international community to counter Iran’s dangerous behavior,” she said. “But it is far easier to counter the ambitions of an Iran that has no nuclear weapon than it is counter an Iran that can threaten the world with a nuclear bomb.”

Warren stressed that the nuclear agreement does not prevent the U.S. from resorting to other options.

“If it ultimately fails, future actions to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran will only be enhanced by the knowledge we gain from closely monitoring the Iranian nuclear program throughout the length of the deal,” she said. “If it ultimately succeeds, we will have neutralized a grave threat without resorting to war.”
Warren added that opponents of the deal have “not disputed these facts” and have yet to provide a viable alternative.

“Because I believe that this deal is our best available option, I support it,” she said.

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