El Pelón Taqueria: bringing tasty and affordable Mexican food to Boston

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A Red Sox game was in full bloom when I ventured over to El Pelón Taqueria in Fenway, one of many restaurants surrounding the ballpark. Its brightly colored umbrellas and wooden picnic tables stood out on the bright sunny day. Despite being past peak lunch hours, the taqueria was swarming with customers.

Inside, vibrantly colored decorations and memorabilia lined the walls as customers queued up to order from the large menu. Enticing aromas from the kitchen drifted through the small restaurant, inviting passersby to stop and explore the cuisine.


Chips and salsa and the codfish tacos are the most frequently ordered items at El Pelón. On the day I sampled them, both selections looked appetizing and tasted delicious, with just the right amount of kick.

The tortilla chips were baked to perfection, with plenty of flavor and without the excess salt that most restaurants add. The guacamole was smooth, rich, and a good complement to the chips.

The codfish tacos had an unusual blend of cucumbers, coleslaw, and spicy mayonnaise that gave them a zesty flavor without being overwhelming. It was a refreshing dish to have on a hot, sunny day, and washed down nicely with the restaurant’s fuchsia-colored hibiscus water.

The codfish is bought locally, making the tacos taste extra fresh. Even though the food is sourced nearby, the prices remain low, which is an appealing feature for customers.

This spot is also a good place to go to with friends, especially those who have different tastes since all the restaurants on the row share outdoor seating. So, if your friends want Greek food instead, they can buy it and then sit at the same table with you.

El Pelón Taqueria is a family-run restaurant, and is named after the owner (“the bald man”). It offers diverse, affordable, and tasty options for everyone.


2197 Commonwealth Ave., Brighton MA 02135
92 Peterborough St., Boston MA 02215

Price Range:
Sides and Starters: $2 – $5
Main courses: $4 – $8

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