Surf ’N’ Shack burger combines the best of both worlds

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When Shake Shack announced they were making a burger with lobster, it seemed like just another restaurant that was hopping on the recent lobster wagon. But the result is a pleasant surprise.

If you ever have trouble deciding whether to choose seafood or burgers, the Surf ’N’ Shack ($8.99) satisfies both cravings.

The burger comes with a fair amount of lobster and still preserves the rich taste of the beef patty (100 percent all-natural Angus). The Maine lobster is doused in their famous ShackSauce (with a little bit of lemon, salt, and pepper), plus lettuce and tomato. If you are feeling a little greedy for lobster, you can add an extra- although the portions they offer are adequate.

Are you hungry yet? Because if you are, you only have until September 20 to try it.

The Surf ‘N’ Shack is available at the Dedham, Harvard Square, and Chestnut Hill Shake Shacks locations.

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