Christian-Jewish group sends swift aid to French Jewry, pledges aliyah support

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( — Following Friday’s Islamist terror attacks that killed at least 129 people, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews said Sunday that it is providing immediate emergency aid of more than $86,000 to 25 synagogues and schools run by the Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidic movement across France.

The aid—which will be used to add security guards and more sophisticated security systems at the French Jewish institutions—marks the latest phase of more than $1 million in security support that the Fellowship has been providing to Chabad institutions worldwide, including in Argentina, Brazil, China, Cypress, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Nepal, Spain, Thailand, and India.

“Amid the horrific terror attacks in Paris, it is critical that we help better protect French-Jewish communal institutions, which have been targets in the past,” said Fellowship President Rabbi YechielEckstein.

“The last few days have been living hell for the citizens of France, and especially for the Jews of Paris….Rabbi Eckstein was the first to approach us, seeking to immediately solve any security issues we may have. We do not have words sufficiently strong to express our gratitude,” said Rabbi Mendel Azimov, the director of Chabad of Paris.

Additionally, the Fellowship said it is extending support to any French Jew who wishes to immigrate to Israel. Two Jewish families were set to leave France for Israel on Monday with the Fellowship’s assistance, ahead of a special Fellowship-organized flight taking French Jews to Israel at the end of this month.