Holiday magic aswirl, Christmas spirit lifts in song

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BOSTON – When the Yale Glee Club began an impromptu rendition of the Christmas classic, “Carol of the Bells,” aboard a moving Metro-North commuter train in Connecticut, last week, train conductor Bob McDonough immediately sprang into action. Using his ticket puncher, as shown in this Associated Press video, he became the club’s musical conductor as the members joyfully sang, delighting homeward-bound passengers.

Closer to Boston, members of the Harvard University Band gave Red Line subway riders bound for Harvard Square a surprise burst of holiday music on Tuesday, captured here for Twitter users by Brandon Dixon. The players were heading back from a tour around the city performing Christmas carols for the public. Tubas, saxophones and drums galore all joined in unison as the band entertained fellow passengers with a rendition of “All I Want for Christmas.”

Hardly missing a beat, they kept right on playing as they marched off the train in Central Square and up to Massachusetts Avenue. Apparently some folks get so full of holiday spirit they can’t help bursting out in song, even when riding a moving train.

How many presents are you buying your kids this year?





Nothing but a lump of coal

We don’t give gifts

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