Runaway porker goes hog wild at NH polling place entrance

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PELHAM, N.H. – In an event that only adds to the mystique of the Granite State’s first-in-the-nation primary, local police on Tuesday morning found themselves dealing with an unusual arrival at the town’s high school polling place: a wayward, 600-pound pig that made its way out of the poke and up to the door.

The potbellied porker, according to a Pelham Police Department statement, broke loose from a nearby farm and made its way to the school as curious voters snapped photos and shared video of the porcine wanderer.

A user uploaded a video of the pig, showing the lost barnyard animal oinking its way along a street in front of the high school while mystified police officers attempted to collar the enormous escape artist. At some points, the pursuers became the pursued as the aggravated swine swiped back at officers’ flailing hands and caps.

User DDComeau gave the go-ahead for various New England media outlets to use the clip, and they then proceeded to go hog-wild with the story of the escaped livestock.

Additional video evidence of the incident has also been trickling out via social media:

Police said they managed to contact the pig’s owner, who then managed to round up the animal and lead it back to his barnyard. Additional reports via social media:

CBS anchor Scott Pelley described the incident as “a real squeaker” on his Evening News show.