Pro-life views dominate GOP state committee, group says

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BOSTON – Almost two-thirds of the 80 Republican State Committee members elected last week are pro-life, and there may be more, according to an advocacy group that says it worked the phones prior to the elections on behalf candidates who share its views.

“While the buzz was all about the slates run by the governor and others, members of Mass Citizens were doing their work and making their phone calls,” Anne Fox, president of Massachusetts Citizens for Life, said in a statement. “The results are impressive: out of 80 members of the newly-elected State Committee, 50 are pro-life, 13 are not pro-life. The position of the other 17 is not known at this time.”

Fox said her Boston-based advocacy group’s effort to elect pro-life candidates to the committee was overshadowed by the competition between Gov. Charlie Baker and his slate of endorsed candidates and rivals regarded as more conservative. In that vein, another advocacy group, MassResistance, castigated Baker and “the wayward GOP establishment” for trying to put more social moderates on the committee.

“We are not into all that,” Fox told the News Service. “We just are into people being pro-life. There definitely are pro-lifers from both slates.”

Fox was unable to immediately say whether a 50-person pro-life majority represented a strengthening or weakening of that group on the committee.

Written by Michael Norton