Clinton given a comic pitch by SNL to boost millennial votes

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With the millennial generation of under-35 voters playing a cornerstone role to help Bernie Sanders in his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination against Hillary Clinton, NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” came up with a decidedly tongue-in-cheek solution for the former Secretary of State. To help her win back those young adults whose hearts and votes Sanders has corralled, the show ginned up a campaign “ad” of its own for Clinton.  

Sanders, a senator from Vermont, has dominated among younger voters, particularly women. In the Super Tuesday primary voting March 1, Clinton lost among voters age 18 to 29 in every state, according to CBS News. She also lost by 70 percentage points among voters under 30 in Iowa and by 68 points in New Hampshire.

The fix is simple, according to “Saturday Night Live” producers and Kate McKinnon, the show’s Clinton impersonator extraordinaire. It boils down to this: “Feel the Bern. For Her:”