Trump, Warren trade barbs over Twitter, again

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They’re at it again: Elizabeth Warren and Donald Trump launched a fresh barrage of nasty tweets at each other Wednesday, trading insults in a repeat of a Twitter storm that erupted Friday.

This time it appears to have been started by Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, who took a shot at Warren, the senior U.S. Senator from Massachusetts, over her track record in Congress:

After Warren didn’t respond, the billionaire New Yorker and former reality television star blasted another barb in her direction, this time speculating on why she didn’t run for the Democratic presidential nomination this year and suggesting her claims of American Indian heritage will keep her from becoming the vice presidential nominee:

Apparently that was enough to get under the Harvard Law professor’s skin:

And as she did last week, Warren didn’t wait for a response, instead firing off a flurry attacks against the real estate developer turned political candidate, focusing on policy flip-flops he has made just since the weekend and accusations that his defunct Trump University was fraudulent:

Trump subsequently shot back with a return to his trademark epithets and ridicule while avoiding getting into it with the senator on any of the substantive issues she raised:

After those responses failed to elicit a reply, The Donald tore into her about the plight of American workers, claiming she hasn’t tried to help them:

Then he tried a few more pokes, again focusing more on the substantive issues Warren raised while still hurling accusations of his own:

By early evening, Warren hadn’t bothered to return fire. But then she took a parting shot after all: