RNC’s Kaufman likens a vote for third party Weld to ‘a vote for Hillary’

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Massachusetts Republican National Committeeman had a lot of gracious things to say about former Bay State governor Bill Weld in an interview with The Republican/MassLive.com.

But that doesn’t mean he’s urging voters to cast ballots this November for Weld, who announced his intentions to join a Libertarian ticket as a vice presidential nominee.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

“I think while people may enjoy Gov. Weld, may even agree with a lot of libertarianism, there’s a lot in it that they don’t agree with, and in the end it’s going to matter if we win or lose,” Kaufman said.

“If you know a vote not for Trump is going to be a vote for Hillary, whether you stay home or vote for someone else, I don’t think independents and Republicans are going to at the end of the day want Hillary Clinton to be president.”

Although the Libertarian Party will not official name its ticket until this weekend, Weld and New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson are the highest-profile duo in the mix.

Later in the interview, Kaufman, who supported Jeb Bush for the GOP nomination but will vote for presumptive nominee Donald Trump, said the prospect of another Clinton presidency is cause enough for the Republican Party to unite — regardless of the nominee.

“The great uniter is Hillary,” he said. “She’s going to make our party come together in the end.”