Boston foundation brings music to schools (video)

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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once called music “the universal language of mankind.” Many literary and musical men and women from all ages and cultures have similarly pointed to music as the great unifier, as “naming the unnamable” and “communicating the unknowable” (Leonard Bernstein); as “speaking where words fail” (Hans Christian Andersen), and as “a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy” (Ludwig van Beethoven).

Children and youth are often caught up in particular challenges of their age and time. Music not only expresses and inspires, lifts up and creates focus, but also keeps kids out of trouble by opening up a new world of beauty. The Music Drives Us Foundation, created by musician and entrepreneur Ernie Boch, Jr., acts on this perspective and provides Boston’s public schools the opportunity to enhance their musical programs through the donation of musical instruments.

Ernie Boch Music Drives Us from NewBostonPost on Vimeo.