Trump: ‘Absolutely’ would consider not deporting illegals who serve in US military

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( – In NBC’s Commander-in-Chief Forum Wednesday night, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump indicated that he would give “special” consideration to illegal immigrants serving in the U.S. military.

“If they plan on serving, if they get in, I would absolutely hold those people,” Trump said, referring to illegal immigrants who are considered for deferred action for childhood arrivals or DACA, adding that those illegals would have to be carefully vetted.

“Do you believe that an undocumented person who wants to serve in the U.S. Armed Forces deserves to stay in this country legally?” an audience member asked.

“I think that when you serve in the armed forces, that’s a very special situation, and I could see myself working that out. Absolutely,” Trump said.

“So, she’s saying has already served in the Armed forces or wants to serve, plans to serve?” NBC host Matt Lauer asked the audience member.

“Plans to serve in the Armed Forces. As you know that under DACA we already have people who are undocumented who are serving,” the audience member clarified.

“I think the military is a very special thing,” Trump said. “If they plan on serving, if they get in, I would absolutely hold those people. Now, we have to be very careful, we have to vet very carefully, everybody would agree with that, but the answer is it would be a very special circumstance, yes.”

— Written by Melanie Hunter