Healey: ‘I am very skeptical of the charter movement’

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Attorney General Maura Healey has not yet articulated a position for or against the ballot referendum expanding charter schools in Massachusetts, and Congresswoman Katherine Clark on Monday said she opposes the measure.

During an appearance Sunday morning on “On The Record,” Healey didn’t stake out a clear position for or against lifting the cap on charter schools when asked by WCVB host Ed Harding to take one.

“I’ll tell you, what we need to keep focused on is public education – funding our schools, funding public education. And Massachusetts has a proud history of that. We’ve fallen short,” Healey said. She added, “I am very skeptical of the charter movement. I don’t think it’s the be-all and end-all. There’s a place for charters but we need to focus on public education. That’s what makes a great democracy.”

Clark said she is still “wrestling” with how to vote on Question 4 – a referendum Healey strongly opposes – that would legalize marijuana for use by any adults, and sanction its sale – and will vote on the question at the Nov. 8 election. “I’m not sure that prohibition is going to be something that we can continue to sustain, but I also think we have to be very careful around some areas, especially to do with the edibles,” Clark said.

Clark said she will vote against Question 2, which would allow for up to 12 additional charter schools outside the existing statutory cap, and she will vote against Question 1, which would allow for a second slots parlor. The Melrose Democrat said she will vote in favor of Question 3, which would require adequately sized pens for pig, egg-laying hens and veal calves who are raised in Massachusetts or whose products are sold in Bay State stores.

— Written by Andy Metzger and Michael Norton

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