N.C. GOP office firebombed

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(CNSNews.com) – Hours after a local Republican Party office was firebombed in Hillsborough, North Carolina on Sunday, the hosts of several Sunday talk shows suggested that Republican Donald Trump is the one fomenting violence by saying that the presidential election is rigged.

The liberal Sunday talk-show hosts apparently did not know about the attack on Republican Party when they asked Trump surrogates about Trump’s language inciting his supporters.

“Let’s talk a little bit about his language this week,” Martha Raddatz, guest host of ABC’s “This Week,” told Republican Trump supporter Newt Gingrich.

Raddatz said Trump’s language is “stirring something in people, who openly talk about assassination or revolution.” She played a few sound bites of unidentified Trump supporters saying they’re “ready for a revolution” — or hinting at assassination — if Hillary Clinton wins.

“Are you concerned about all that talk of violence if Secretary Clinton wins?” Raddatz asked Gingrigh.

“First of all, to suggest that it’s OK to assassinate a president, I think is a felony,” Gingrich responded. “And I think that it should be. You can’t talk about attacking or assassinating the president of the United States and you shouldn’t be able to. And that guy’s a fool,” Gingrich said, referring to one of the sound bites Raddatz had just played.

“But I think if I were to look for the most foolish Clinton supporter and ask you to give them equal time nationally, I could find you some pretty nutty people who are for Hillary Clinton.”

Raddatz followed up: “Are you concerned what will happen if Mr. Trump loses and millions of his voters are told that the election was rigged?”

Gingrich said the election is rigged — by the national media and Democrat establishment. He said the “news media’s one-sidedness is the worst I’ve seen in my lifetime.”

Over on CNN, host Jake Tapper also quoted a Trump supporter who said he hopes to start a coup if Clinton is elected. “Are you not concerned at all about the tone and tenor of these remarks?” Tapper asked Trump supporter former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani:

“I have dealt with wacky jerks on my side and against me for too long to blame it on — to blame it on the candidate,” Giuliani responded. “You can find just as many wacko nuts on her side that write us horrible and awful things.

“So, when he talks about a rigged election, he’s not talking about the fact that it’s going to be rigged at the polls. What he’s talking about is that 80 percent to 85 percent of the media is against him, that when you look at ‘The New York Times,’ when you pick it up every morning, on the top of the paper, there are three stories that are anti-Trump, some of them totally baseless, some of some silly. And then, at the bottom, you get a little something about WikiLeaks…”

On CBS’s “Face the Nation,” host John Dickerson asked Trump’s running mate Mike Pence if it’s a “responsible thing for a candidate to say” that the election is “rigged.”

“Well, I think what Donald Trump is talking about is, frankly, what appears to be the monolithic support of the national media for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, their willful ignorance about the avalanche of hard evidence, not allegations, John, but hard evidence now coming out in these e-mails of collusion and pay-for-play politics. And the American people are just tired of it.”

Chuck Todd, host of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” asked Gov. Pence if he and Trump will “accept the results of the election.”

“We will absolutely accept the results of the election,” Pence said. “But the American people are tired of the obvious bias in the national media. That’s where the sense of a rigged election goes here, Chuck, is that when the media comes in with an avalanche of continuous negative attacks against my running mate, instead of focusing on the real hard evidence coming out about corruption and pay-to-play in the Clinton Foundation years, it’s why people are frustrated.”

Todd noted that Pence kept saying “rigged election.” “Are you concerned that the more you say it, the more you actually undermine our democracy unintentionally?” Todd asked him.

Pence responded that “one of the great, great traditions of America is the peaceful transfer of power. In elections, Chuck — you are a student of history, elections always get pretty rough. I expect they’re going to stay just as rough as they are right now going into November 8.”

Later on Sunday, the Associated Press reported that a bottle filled with flammable liquid was thrown through the window of the Orange County, N.C. Republican Party headquarters overnight. No one was injured, but the interior of the building was burned.

The news release from Hillsborough officials said an adjacent building was spray-painted with the words: “Nazi Republicans leave town or else.” The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is working with local investigators.

State GOP Executive Director Dallas Woodhouse called the attack “political terrorism.” He said Republican offices around the state were re-examining their security.

Hillary Clinton tweeted that the attack “is horrific and unacceptable. Very grateful that everyone is safe.”

Republican Donald Trump blamed the act on Democrats in a Tweet and also he encouraged local Republicans, saying: “With you all the way, will never forget. Now we have to win. Proud of you all!”

— Written by Susan Jones