Boston University Trump supporter testing liberal classmates’ tolerance for free speech

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BOSTON — A Boston University student has enraged his left-leaning classmates by appearing in a school-sponsored YouTube video in which he lists his reasons for backing GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump — the worst of which, in the opinion of his detractors, is the student’s criticism of multiculturalism.

Nicholas Fuentes, a sophomore, does not appear to be backing down. A review of his Twitter account appears to show a student who is reveling in tweaking his classmates’ liberal views:

Fuentes has apparently agreed to participate in a debate slated for Sunday evening. He’ll be squaring off against another student supporting Democrat Hillary Clinton, according to a report.

“Political correctness and the multicultural movement in America are subverting any effort that a conservative could ever make to change the country,” Fuentes said at the beginning of the short video, a comment that appears to feed off of his earlier views on multiculturalism posted via social media.

According to CampusReform, which managed to access the private Facebook pages belonging to several BU students upset over Fuentes’s political beliefs, leftists are now scrambling to find a way to prompt Twitter to shut down his account.

“Anyone else down to report him on Twitter as ‘harmful or offensive?’” one student posted, according to the report.

Fuentes kicked the proverbial political correct hornet’s nest last week when he compared multiculturalism to cancer:

Fuentes on Saturday thanked others on Twitter for supporting him, despite the efforts of others to have him silenced:

Some of his classmates had different opinions of Fuentes:

Sunday’s debate is scheduled to take place at 8 p.m. and will be broadcast live via the Periscope app: