DONE DIEHL: Trump’s win not a surprise

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WHITMAN — State Rep. Geoff Diehl, Donald Trump’s state campaign chair, said early Wednesday morning that the real estate mogul’s apparent presidential victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton was not as much of a shock as political pundits are claiming.

“Well, anybody who has been tuned into the last 10 years of what’s been going on in government nationally knows it’s time for a change,” Diehl said in a phone conversation. “It’s why I’ve been supporting him through now, and to the end, of this campaign — he’s an outsider.”

Diehl, a Republican, referenced the business dealings of Washington’s illustrious “K-Street” lobbying mecca as one of the driving factors behind the American electorate’s decision to dump former secretary of state, first lady, and U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton from her Oval Office pursuits.

“He promised he’d be the one who cleans it up,” Diehl said about Trump. “It’s why I’ve been supporting him to the very end of this campaign.”

Diehl also commented on the polling levels, especially statistics he said showed that Trump was not as unappealing to minorities as major broadcast networks claimed.

“That he was not appealing to minorities — that was false,” Diehl said. “A wide variety of Americans saw what I just saw, and that was a total breakthrough — it was a groundswell of support.”

Diehl also lauded Republican Party Chairman Reince Preibus for allowing the presidential election process to play out, and be decided by, the voter.

“He deserves an award of some sort,” Diehl said. “For what he did to hold the party together and to stand back and make sure it wasn’t party operatives, but voters, who decided the outcome, was the right thing to do.

“You look at the Democratic Party, that machine broke apart on corruption.”