College students in the nation’s capital prefer Fidel Castro to Trump

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Several students at American University in Washington, D.C., have a more favorable view of recently deceased Cuban dictator Fidel Castro than they do of President-elect Donald Trump.

“I would say, like at this very moment, I have a better opinion of Fidel Castro,” one young woman told Campus Reform, a college watchdog news source, in an interview.

Most of the students featured in the interview admitted it was a “tough question,” but many viewed Castro as a benevolent leader.

“He was a remarkable leader in many ways,” said one man. “I feel that he really changed Cuba in so many ways that really made possibilities for the Cuban people nearly endless.”

The video did not include the student citing an example of Castro’s “endless” possibilities for the Cuban people.

One student felt that Trump’s statements alone made him worse than Castro, who is responsible for the deaths of as many 9,200 people in Cuba and another 78,000 who died trying to escape the regime.

“If his administration is anything like he said it will be, than I think that Fidel Castro will absolutely have been a better leader to the Cuban people than Trump will be to the U.S., just based on his statements alone,” said the student.


Not every student interviewed was so keen on Castro. One said she did not have an opinion on either leader.

“Oh my God, I don’t, either way I just don’t,” she told the interviewer after being asked if she prefers Trump or Castro. “Fidel Castro, I … never really had an opinion on to start with, other than he was really, really bad for the world. Donald Trump, I still don’t have an opinion on, I just choose to ignore it.”

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