New England Patriots’ nemesis Ted Wells returns to Massachusetts to face off against AG Healey

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BOSTON — He never uttered a word during ExxonMobil’s showdown against Attorney General Maura Healey last Wednesday, but he was there.

Fans of the New England Patriots know him — Ted Wells.

Wells, who became a household name among fans of the New England Patriots due to his role in the team’s “Deflategate” ball-tampering investigation, also happens to be playing a starring role in ExxonMobil’s push to defend itself against a civil investigation demand issued by Healey, one which she claims will prove that the oil giant knew of its role contributing to global warming long before former Vice President Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth

Healey’s office is seeking about 40 years’ worth of records from Exxon. 

Exxon however has filed a lawsuit of its own versus Healey in Texas. The energy company is apparently looking to determine whether Healey conspired with outside environmental organizations. A significant aspect of Exxon’s federal court filing in Texas involves the company’s quest to determine whether Healey and other attorneys general acted unconstitutionally in ordering a civil investigation demand. 

Wells, however, has yet to play a major role in the case. Last Wednesday it was attorney Justin Anderson of Houston, representing Exxon, who delivered the argument to Judge Heidi Brieger.