New Boston Post Super Bowl Predictions

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How the Game Will Go


Evan Lips

Brady finds the big Texan Martellus Bennett as the Falcons try to take away the WR threats, and Dion Lewis dinks/dunks with some short stuff from TB12. Belichick and Patricia do what they always do — gameplan around taking away the Falcons biggest weapon (WR Julio Jones) but that opens up some opportunities for Atlanta’s two-headed monster at RB — Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman. Still, former BC standout QB Matt Ryan — now that he actually has an NFL-caliber center protecting him — hits the tall wideout Sanu for some big gains in the third quarter. 


Kelly Thomas

Both defenses make enough plays to keep the game score lower than expected. Falcons take the lead late, but New England drives for the game winning TD, finishing with a Brady-Edelman touchdown, the same combination that won them Super Bowl 49. 


Matt McDonald

The Falcons defense takes away the Patriots tight ends but Tom Brady finds Julian Edelman open for mostly short and medium gains all over the field. Edelman also throws a double-pass touchdown. Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan and the rest of Atlanta’s offense does well, but the Patriots defense stops them enough times so that Atlanta never gets the lead.


Mr. X

After a slow start featuring endless pointless handoffs up the middle, the second half explodes with lightning long-bomb passes for touchdowns. Both teams’ starting quarterbacks and backups leave the game with tendonitis in their throwing shoulders, leaving slot receivers playing QB. In the sixth O.T., after Fox announces it’s time to run an American Gladiator re-run, the commissioner steps in and declares it a draw, handing out participation trophies to all.



Why the Commentator Is An Expert


Evan Lips

I’m not. Never have been. Never will. My parents did not allow me to play football growing up. (They’re smart.) I’ve watched enough of Atlanta this season not to dismiss them the way people like Shaughnessy have, and I’ve watched enough of the Patriots to know that while this team may let you get into the red zone, it takes a helluva lot for opponents to get into the end zone. Atlanta has a helluva lot to offer but I can’t dismiss the Tom Brady Revenge Factor. Here’s hoping he bashes that Lombardi trophy over Roger Goodell’s head. (That won’t happen because Tom Brady is Better Than Us.)


Kelly Thomas

If utterly honest, I know next to nothing about football or the Patriots. I would have predicted a Patriots win out of sheer loyalty to New England, but that’s about all I have. Fortunately, my younger brother who is a diehard sports fan has all of the knowledge I lack, and kindly lent his older sister his expertise for the above predictions.


Matt  McDonald

My son won his Fantasy Football league.


Mr. X

Once worked as a bag man for Jimmy the Greek.