Democrats In Congress:  Have You No Sense of Decency?

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There was a moment during President Donald Trump’s big speech last night where Americans got an idea what Democrats in Congress are all about.

When the president announced a new agency to help victims of crimes committed by illegal immigrants, there was an audible groan from the Democratic side of the House chamber.

He had just called for support for law enforcement. Then he said this:

“And we must support the victims of crime. I have ordered the Department of Homeland Security to create an office to serve American victims. The office is called VOICE — Victims Of Immigration Crime Engagement.”

At that moment the Democrats groaned. They sounded like a crowd around a putting green at a pro golf event when the tournament leader misses a putt.

(You can see and hear the passage of the speech here, starting at 0:36; the groan is at 0:53.)

Think about it. He had just called for government to help victims of crime. Aren’t the Democrats the party of the downtrodden? Who could be more downtrodden than someone who has just been robbed or injured or lost a loved one to crime?

But the Democrats groaned because they didn’t want to hear about crime committed by illegal immigrants. Foreigners here illegally are a protected class in Democratic Party theory, so they can’t be identified with bad acts — even if they commit them.

Trump ignored the groans and then immediately introduced four family members of victims, including the father of a 17-year-old murdered by an illegal immigrant who was also a member of a gang; the wife and daughter of a deputy sheriff killed by an illegal immigrant; and the wife of a detective killed by an illegal immigrant.

Now, we understand that Democrats don’t support such crimes. Who could? It’s just that they don’t want to hear about them, because they aren’t politically useful. They don’t further the narrative that Democrats want to tell. So they’d rather ignore such victims than help them.