Elizabeth Warren Said A Dirty Word

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U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren appeared on CBS This Morning on Sunday and host Chip Reid proceeded to grill the darling of Massachusetts liberals with a series of hard-hitting questions, such as what she thinks of President Donald Trump and whether sexism was at work when Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) cut her off after she spoke for more than 45 minutes against the appointment of then-Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) to the post of attorney general.

Reid however saved his toughest question for last.

“We’re going to do the James Lipton ‘Inside the Actors Studio’ part of this interview now,” Reid began by saying. “I’m not going to ask you your favorite curse word — O.K., I am — do you have a favorite curse word?”

Warren didn’t hesitate.

“Poop,” the Cambridge Democrat said, prompting both interviewer and interviewee to giggle.

“That’s a ‘goody two-shoes’ favorite curse word if I ever heard one,” Reid replied.

“No it’s not,” Warren said. “Are you kidding? Have you ever seen a woman like me look you straight in the face after you’ve finished some long explanation of something and then just said, ‘poop’?

“Try it.”

Warren added that she’s never uttered the word on the Senate floor.

“Could that day be coming?” Reid asked.

“It could,” Warren said. “Who knows?”

Warren’s sit-down interview with Reid took place in Cambridge at the Summer Shack, a seafood restaurant located near the Alewife MBTA stop. Warren is currently promoting a new book named This Fight Is Our Fight: The Battle To Save America’s Middle Class.

Watch the interview clip here: