DNC Chairman Proves Democrats Are the Party of Death

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Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez’s recent statement that every Democrat should be pro-abortion without exception reinforces why I bucked my family’s political heritage by registering as a Republican.

Perez issued a fatwa declaring that every Democrat should be pro-abortion, no exceptions.  He imposed this litmus test under pressure from the National Abortion Rights Action League after Bernie Sanders endorsed a nominally pro-life candidate for mayor of Omaha, former Nebraska legislator Heath Mello. Mello is a Catholic Democrat who had voted for several bills to restrict abortion in the state legislature.  Perez initially joined Sanders in supporting Mello’s campaign but then opposed it after encountering the wrath of NARAL.

In response to Perez’s about-face, I will propose at the next Newton Republican City Committee meeting that we buy him a new pair of flip-flops.  Furthermore, I am hereby reaching out to Perez to see if he will declare his new litmus test to my mother — who is pro-life, an avowed opponent of Donald Trump, a Jew, and a fourth-generation Democrat.

Now that Perez has drawn the line in the dust and declared “abortion now, abortion tomorrow, and abortion forever” in the name of his party, he has proven that the Democrat Party is the party of death.  Whether it is unfettered, taxpayer-funded baby murder at the beginning of life, or the demonic and barbaric practice of doctor-assisted-death at the end of life, the Democrat Party has demonstrated its hostility towards the sanctity of life.

I only hope that the Republican Party is ready, willing, and able to become the party of life, not just in words with the party platform, but also in deeds — whether it is supporting pro-life conservative reformers in intraparty spills or in passing pro-life legislation and defeating pro-death, anti-life legislation.

As an adoptee, I support the Republican Party platform because it stands up for the rights of the unborn. (After all, had things gone differently I might have been a victim of “choice.”)  Furthermore, I demonstrate this value in action by always supporting pro-life conservative reformers in primaries, caucuses, and other intraparty electoral contests against their pro-abortion, soft-left opponents, unlike many in my party.  I have found that people who are willing to defend moral values like the right to life and traditional family values are the most willing to defend fiscal conservatism and role-of government issues.

I strongly disagree with the idea that the Republican Party ought to run from moral issues, as former MassGOP State Committeewoman Nancy Luther argued a few years ago. In 2014, the Massachusetts Republican State Committee voted 52-16 in favor of state party platform, which includes a Values section that states:  “Informed by the essential guarantees of the Declaration of Independence, we affirm the inherent dignity and sanctity of human life. We believe that every instance of abortion is tragic. We advocate policies that will assist a woman during a crisis pregnancy.”

How can anyone be opposed to that?

While I would have preferred stronger language on par with the 2012 Republican National Convention platform, I agreed with the conclusion of former State Committeeman Timothy Sullivan (R-Westport) that the platform language finally began to address the concerns of pro-life, pro-family, pro-moral values conservatives.

However, I think that Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse said it best when he shared a picture of an unborn baby in the womb to Perez on Twitter and tweeted:



Joshua Norman is an Auburndale resident who serves as the Ward 4 Republican Chair. He is an adoptee.