FORGET PARIS: A Recap Of The Hollywood Stars Who Got Trump’d

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President Donald Trump on Thursday made good on his campaign promise to pull the United States out of the Paris climate accord, signed under former President Barack Obama, and the reactions from the Hollywood elite did not disappoint.

To quote the former commander-in-chief, “the election’s over.”

And, to think, if he’d (Obama) elected to ratify this treaty via a U.S. Senate vote, undoing this agreement by Trump would have been impossible.

Alas, Obama had zero chance of securing said two-thirds required for ratification from the Senate — and the reason for this and other shortfalls is, of course, a whole different story.

In the meantime, let’s have Ian Tuttle of the National Review set the stage:

“The first reason is straightforward: The Paris Agreement is a treaty. President Obama, aware that the accord would struggle to meet the two-thirds threshold required by the Constitution’s Treaty Clause (Article II, Section 2), engaged in extravagant rhetorical contortions to avoid calling the Paris Agreement what it was. President Trump could send a clear signal about the limits of presidential power by delivering the accords to the Senate for “advice and consent.” As James Wilson, a key Founding-era political thinker and a delegate to the Constitutional Convention, explained: ‘Neither the President nor the Senate, solely, can complete a treaty; they are checks upon each other, and are so balanced as to produce security to the people.'”

So, to quote another distinguished former lawmaker, who happens to hail from Nevada…

Yet despite these pronouncements and declarations from elected public servants, sometimes there’s no better gauge of the public pulse than the hot takes that emanate from America’s favorite un-elected entertainers.

Behold, a smattering of the most notable reactions from Hollywood in response to Trump’s Parisian opt-out.

Michael Moore:

Mark Ruffalo:

Don Cheadle:

Leonardo DiCaprio:

George Takei:

Alyssa Milano:

Chelsea Handler:

Josh Gad:

Rosie Perez:


Lastly, the actual star of the motion picture that bears the introduction of this piece, actor Billy Crystal.

Although he neglected to fire off a personal ‘tweet,’ it’s clear where the star referee of Forget Paris stands …


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