Elizabeth Warren Doubles Down On Violence Talk

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The period of civility among American politicians, and a cool-down with regards to the rhetoric of violence when it comes to describing their fellow public servants across the aisle, appears to now be all but a distant memory for Massachusetts’s senior U.S. senator.

A little more than a week after a leftist opened fire on a Virginia baseball field in an attack targeting Republicans, Cambridge Democrat Elizabeth Warren accused GOP members of accepting “blood money” in their crafting of the new healthcare bill, released Thursday in the form of a “discussion draft.”

“Senate Republicans had to make a choice — how to pay for all those juicy tax cuts for their rich buddies — I will tell you how:  blood money,” Warren declared from the Senate floor on Thursday. “These cuts are blood money. People will die. Let’s be very clear:  Senate Republicans are paying for tax cuts for the wealthy with American lives.”

Warren delivered her remarks prior to the Congressional Budget Office’s release of its estimate of the bill’s impact on healthcare costs and coverage, expected within the next several days.

Warren later took to Twitter to expound on her “blood money” description: