The Boston Common Hatefest

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The counter-protest to the Free Speech Rally on the Boston Common went off near to what I had expected. I went as an observer, with the intention to only watch and report on what happened, while not identifying myself, debating anyone, or talking to the press. 

Since my Republican job description includes the Massachusetts Republican National Committee Delegation and Republican State Committee, it was prudent to go incognito, sunglasses and all. Had the assembled mob recognized this sometime Trump campaign spokesman from TV it could have been — nay, would have been — exceedingly dangerous, to say the least.

The Free Speech people were already at the Boston Common bandstand, protected by a ring of Boston Police on foot, then a second ring of police on bicycles, then a third ring of metal fencing about 200 feet from the bandstand. At that distance none of the protesters could throw anything and hit the Free Speechers in the bandstand.

About half to two-thirds of the protesters were there by 11 a.m., organizing, milling about, shouting obscenities while touting their equally obscene signs. They were a mob seething with anger, ready to spring into action, while anxiously waiting for their leaders to come. 

Then they came.

The cheers moved like a wave through the now enormous crowd to welcome the black-shirted, black-masked throngs moving like a bulldozer in rapid motion towards the center, looking like a cross between Ninja warriors and SS storm troopers, sans the insignia.

Antifa had arrived.

The same Antifa that had burned Ferguson, gutted Baltimore, trashed Berkeley, were now poised to take down Boston. 

The thousands on the Common, galvanized by their men (and women) in black, pushed forward, louder and much more aggressive than before.

The anti-Trump rally had begun. The charade was lifted. They all knew what they were there for — to violently protest Nazis, Klansmen, Trump, Republicans … or Trump, Republicans, Nazis, Klansmen. In the delusional mindset of the radical they’re all one and the same. The leftist throngs see Trump as the Grand Wizard of the Klan and his supporters as Klansmen, and they were there to shout it to the world.

The protest quickly descended into a vile, lewd hatefest, spewing venom at anyone and everyone who even hinted that they were a Trump supporter, a Republican, or anyone else not sharing their radical ideology. The ranting grew to decibel-breaking levels.

Then a big commotion started brewing near the center, swaying like wildfire shifting with the wind, as more joined the fray, with cameramen hurrying to keep up. It quickly got louder, more hysterical.

They were all converging on their human targets. Surely, such a frenzy could only mean one thing. Klansmen!

At last, they had finally caught up with those elusive white-robed fools that we only view on TV about once a decade. 

Never having actually seen the Klu Klux Klan in person, I moved, and scrambled, and pushed my way through the mob to get my first glimpse of these unlucky David Duke clones.

But there were no white hoods, no white robes, no swastikas.

The Antifa black shirts had surrounded — and were tormenting — two young men. Two seemingly brave but naive young men, one wearing a Trump banner as a cape, the other donning an Israeli flag. They had defiantly ventured together into the leftist enemy camp. So the hysterical crowd set upon them like a pack of wolves. The two locked arms and tried to get away but the swarm surrounded them, spewing every slur imaginable while closing in, ready to pounce, as they tried desperately to get away, until finally — finally — police officers broke through and got them out.

And all because they broadcast that they were supporters of Trump … and Israel.

Think of that. Think real hard.

In writing this I’m still struck with guilt that I didn’t at least attempt to break through the mob to try to rescue these boys. But there were so many, so violent.

And they continued their rampage. There were thousands of these hate-filled demonstrators, hundreds donning scarves to hide their identities as they zeroed in on any lone conservative — or suspected conservative — since the police had at least shielded the podium of the Free Speech speakers and attendees. The only one I knew on that podium was Shiva Ayyadurai, who is neither a white supremacist nor a white nationalist. In fact, he’s not even white. (He happens to be from a low caste in India.)

There were no Klansmen, Nazis, white supremacists, or neo-Confederates. None. They were never a part of this.

It was all a big lie. 

And the press is still continuing that big lie. Boston Mayor Marty Walsh is still continuing that big lie.

The ruthless leftist hoodlums were out for blood and destruction, and but for the police they would have succeeded in burning and looting Boston’s Downtown Crossing. And it’s only by luck or some miracle that none of the fearless stoic Trump supporters who stood up to them ended up dead or in the hospital. 


Tom Mountain is the Massachusetts Republican State Committeeman for Brookline, Newton, and Wellesley.