The Most Dangerous Thing You Can Do in Public Life? Associate With Hillary

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Three lawyers for Hillary Clinton must be wondering what so many others have found out the hard way over the years:  Associating with the Clintons is hazardous.

A judge in Maryland ordered hacks there Monday to investigate something they’ve already said they don’t want to get into:  why the lawyers deleted thousands of email messages from the private email account Mrs. Clinton used when she was Secretary of State.

It’s not an investigation of Hillary, mind you, but of her lawyers:  whether, as the judge put it, the lawyers are guilty of “destroying evidence” in a criminal investigation.

Hillary directed these lawyers to delete so-called “personal” email messages from the messages the campaign turned over to the FBI — including some that weren’t so much personal as politically and potentially legally damaging.

As we all know, it’s the most spectacular self-inflicted political wound in an official capacity since Richard Nixon taped himself saying illegal things in the White House. In her interview with Jane Pauley of CBS News that aired Sunday morning, Mrs. Clinton called the private email server and account “the most important of the mistakes I made” leading to her defeat in the presidential election in November 2016.

But it wasn’t irrational. Mrs. Clinton clearly didn’t want her communications getting published sometime in the future, when, perhaps, they might be expected to show a dubious relationship between donations by foreigners to the Clinton Foundation and access that foreign interests would get to the U.S. government while she was head of the State Department.

Nor was it irrational once things got hot to ask her lawyers to delete embarrassing email messages. Better their fingerprints than hers.

Wonder if the lawyers are thinking it might have been irrational to work for Hillary?

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