Amherst College Leftists Strike Again, This Time On 9/11 With Flag Denouncing America

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AMHERST — Days after left-wing activists apparently plastered the windows where student Republicans at Amherst College were holding the year’s first meeting with fliers denouncing the Ku Klux Klan, campus progressives upped the ante in their quest for social justice, in the form of a banner denouncing America on the 16th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

The banner-hangers have not made themselves known, but the president of the Amherst College Democrats, a student organization, told the Boston Herald that the banner constitutes a “more comprehensive understanding of the tragedy of that day.”

Andrew Deatrick, who stressed that ACD was not responsible for hanging the banner and added that he does not know who did, said he had no problem with the banner’s message, which proclaimed that “THERE IS NO FLAG LARGE ENOUGH TO COVER THE SHAME OF KILLING INNOCENT PEOPLE” and included the message “in honor of those killed and displaced by America’s so-called ‘war on terror’.”

However, the banner’s message happened to echo the message ACD blasted out via the group’s Facebook account, in which the group declared that “we must acknowledge, too, those victims of misplaced retaliation by the United States and its citizens.

“The countless Muslims — and Sikhs — within our country and outside of it who faced discrimination and violence at the hands of bigots appropriating a tragedy to their own evil ends deserve acknowledgement, as do the innumerable civilians killed in the War on Terror.”

The all-caps quote featured on the banner is attributed to liberal activist Howard Zinn.

The attacks on September 11, 2001 consisted of four operations organized and carried out by the Islamic terrorist outfit al-Qaeda, resulting in the deaths of 2,996 civilians, including three Amherst College alumni:  Frederick C. Rimmele III ’90, Brock Safronoff ’97, and Maurita Tam ’01.

On Tuesday morning ACD doubled down on its pro-banner stance:

The banner may have been hung in retaliation to a banner created by the student-run Amherst College Republicans group. The student Republicans’ banner featured the American flag and a graphic serving as a memorial to 9/11:


Student Avery Farmer apparently took offense to the ACR’s banner:

According to the conservative college news website Campus Reform, members of ACR hung their banner inside the same college hall where liberal activists hung their banner, on the outside, above the entrance.  

Tensions at the prestigious liberal arts school have run high since the discovery earlier this year of a noose left at the college’s football field, which student activists claim prompted them distribute the anti-KKK fliers.

On Monday, Amherst College President Biddy Martin announced that police have identified the culprits and indicated that they are not students.

“Because they are juveniles, we are prevented by law from identifying them,” Martin said in a prepared statement. “The [Amherst College Police Department] has now turned the case over to the District Attorney’s office where a decision will be made about the action’s possible status as a hate crime under Massachusetts law.

“I want to assure you that neither of these two individuals will be allowed on our campus again. The College is issuing no trespass orders and they will be barred from setting foot on campus.”