New Boston Post Contributor Kyle Reyes Talks Facebook Censorship on Fox News

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New Boston Post contributor Kyle Reyes appeared on Fox News Channel on Thursday to discuss his column on New Boston Post describing Facebook’s censorship of conservative and pro-police content.

Reyes’s column, “Here’s Your Proof That Facebook Discriminates Against Conservatives,” has been causing a stir since it was posted on New Boston Post on Tuesday night.

Heather Childers interviewed Reyes on Fox & Friends First early Thursday morning.

“Facebook and Facebook advertising is like being in an abusive relationship. When it’s good, it’s good, and everybody’s happy. And when it’s bad, when they come down on you, when it’s a lousy situation, it couldn’t get much worse,” Reyes said on Fox.

Reyes talked about what he called “a Facebook lynch mob mentality” used by certain left-wingers who abuse the social media giant’s mechanism for reporting so-called fake news by sending complaints about legitimate content that they don’t like. When Facebook gets enough complaints, an algorithm kicks in that leads someone at the company to investigate, and if that person doesn’t like the content, he may suspend access to it even if it doesn’t appear to violate any stated Facebook policy, Reyes said.

Reyes documents in his column on New Boston Post a recent case concerning a pro-police video he made.

Childers during the interview on Fox News noted that Facebook is now part of the fabric of the country because so many people use it to communicate with friends and relatives.

“And the greater concern here is about the ability for businesses to provide for their families, for people to be able to have those conversations,” Reyes said. “When you see very, very clear bias against conservatives, or against pro-law enforcement groups, for putting out content that supports those causes, it’s scary times – you know, this is the definition of what we looked at in 1984.

Reyes encouraged readers to make their voice heard to Facebook.

“And share the content that you like, because that helps override the algorithm,” Reyes said.

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