Newton Mayor Warren Rips Baker For Gov’s Apparent Support of GOP Tax Bill

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On the same day that President Donald Trump signed into law a landmark tax reform bill, Newton Mayor Setti Warren — one of several Democrats angling for the chance to unseat Governor Charlie Baker — laid into the Swampscott Republican for apparently helping his party pass the legislation.

  1. ­Warren’s criticism centers on Baker’s ability to raise dollars for the Republican National Committee, and in his statement Tuesday, Warren said that Trump and GOP lawmakers “should thank Charlie Baker for his support of the Republican effort to pass this terrible bill that will hurt Massachusetts families.”

Within minutes of Trump’s signing the bill, however, telecommunications giant AT&T announced plans to give more than 200,000 workers $1,000 bonuses and spend $1 billion on capital improvements. Boeing, a global aerospace company with offices in Lexington, likewise announced it will be making a “$300 million employee-related and charitable investment as a result of tax reform legislation to support our heroes, our homes and our future.”

According to the left-leaning Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, about 80 percent of Massachusetts residents will pay less in federal taxes next year.

“Our governor has raised millions of dollars for the Republican National Committee, the organization that quietly led an 18-state initiative to garner support for Donald Trump’s tax scam,” Warren added. Even after the RNC decided to help fund accused sexual predator Roy Moore’s campaign in Alabama, Governor Baker has reaffirmed his commitment to putting money in its coffers.

“It’s clear that Donald Trump controls how the Republican Party spends the money Baker raises for it, and that makes Charlie Baker complicit in Trump’s agenda.”