Massachusetts GOP Senate Candidate Issues ‘Tax Cut Challenge’ to Senator Elizabeth Warren

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UPDATED — 4 p.m. —  Via Lindstrom’s press office

Today, Sen. Elizabeth Warren responded to U.S. Senate Candidate Beth Lindstrom’s tax cut challenge by admitting she would vote to eliminate the tax cuts if a repeal bill comes before the Congress. Lindstrom responded with the following statement:

“There she goes again — Senator Warren is once again showing she’s more interested in appeasing her national liberal following than in doing what’s right for the people she represents. Because of the tax cuts, 80% of Massachusetts residents will see smaller tax bills. Companies are already passing on their tax cut savings to workers by paying higher wages and bonuses. Despite this overwhelming evidence that tax cuts are working, Senator Warren will put a stop to all of it because her 2020 presidential aspirations are more important than helping Massachusetts families.”


A week after one of U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren’s GOP challengers produced a video challenging her to pledge to serve out a full term should she win reelection next fall, another GOP foe has released another pledge-related video.

Beth Lindstrom, a former aide to Governor Mitt Romney, in her video challenges the Cambridge Democrat to pledge whether or not she will work to dismantle the recently-enacted Republican tax reform plan should her party regain control of Congress.

“Senator Warren, the results are beginning to come in from around the country — companies are raising wages and paying bonuses because of the tax-cutting reform in Congress,” Lindstrom says in the clip.

Lindstrom cites a statistic produced by a left-leaning tax policy organization which claims that 80 percent of Massachusetts residents will wind up paying less in federal taxes under the plan and adds that individuals are now “increasing their charitable giving and planning investments.”

“You fought tooth-and-nail to stop these reforms from happening,” Lindstrom says, calling out Warren. “And you didn’t mince any words on how bad it will all be.

“Senator, you were wrong, but instead of dwelling on the past, let’s focus on the future. Tax relief is a reality. Senator Warren, my question to you is — would you repeal this tax cut legislation if the Democrats regain control of the Congress?”

The Boston Herald, which was apparently provided with an advance notice of Lindstrom’s announcement, reported Monday that Warren’s campaign on Sunday declined to provide Lindstrom with a straight answer, but the spokesman also reiterated Warren’s opposition to the reforms.

“Senator Warren believes no middle-class family in Massachusetts should pay a single penny more while giant corporations and billionaires get handed more than $1.5 trillion in giveaways so Republicans can slash Medicare and Social Security,” the spokeswoman said in a prepared statement.

Lindstrom has already issued a response.

“Today I challenged Senator Warren to make clear if she would vote to repeal the recently-enacted tax cut package that is resulting in higher pay for workers and increased investment in our communities,” she announced in a prepared statement. “Her office’s response? No comment.”

Lindstrom promised to “vote to preserve the tax cuts” and went on to say that the answer from Warren’s camp is “typical of the stonewalling and evasions we’ve come to expect from politicians in Washington” and added that “the issue of repeal is a real one.”

“Senator Warren owes the people of Massachusetts an honest answer,” Lindstrom noted.

Watch Lindstrom’s video: