Democrat-Donating FBI Agent Who Resigned Now Works At CNN

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The FBI special agent who claimed in a blistering New York Times op-ed that a series of “relentless attacks” launched by Republicans against the bureau has spurred him to resign made his first appearance Monday at his new gig.

Joshua Campbell, a former assistant to ex-FBI Director James Comey, is now a “law enforcement analyst” for CNN. 

Campbell’s transition from the FBI to the cable news giant took less than 48 hours, the Daily Caller pointed out.

On Saturday, soon after the publication of Campbell’s piece — in which he bemoaned partisan attacks — New Boston Post documented Campbell’s history of donating to Democratic Party candidates, information neither he nor the New York Times disclosed.

Campbell wrote that he had to resign from the F.BI. and speak out because “remaining quiet while the bureau is tarnished for political gain is impossible.”

“If those who know the agency best remain silent, it will be defined by those with partisan agendas,” Campbell wrote.

Campbell’s first day at CNN saw him opine the following:

“What we need to be concerned about — and I hope that our leaders are concerned about — is a cascading effect on the FBI agent on the street, the intelligence analyst, professional staff employee, who gets up every single day working to defend the Constitution and protect the American people.”