Massachusetts State Trooper Claims Worcester DA’s Office Complicit In ‘TrooperGate’ Conspiracy

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The Massachusetts State Trooper who took his superiors to federal court over an order to scrub embarrassing and incriminating details from an arrest report involving a judge’s daughter is not shying away from his claim that politics played a major role in what he alleges was a “nefarious” conspiracy.

State Trooper Ryan Sceviour’s latest filing, entered Monday at Massachusetts U.S. District Court in Boston, seeks to squash a motion to dismiss filed by his former boss, the recently retired State Police Lieutenant Colonel Richard D. McKeon.

Sceviour’s blistering response to McKeon’s motion claims that Worcester County District Attorney Joseph Early’s office played a major role in a conspiracy, with McKeon and other top officials complicit. Sceviour also questions why McKeon would file an immediate motion to dismiss ahead of a traditional answer.

“Rather than proceed according to the rules governing pleadings and Rule 12, which call for him to accept the facts as pleaded in the complaint as true and to limit his argument to those facts, he [McKeon] has written the memorandum as if it was a press release, giving his version of the story and ignoring the facts presented by the plaintiff,” Sceviour’s filing states. “McKeon’s argument boils down to this:  if you believe my version of events, I win.”

Sceviour’s version of the events includes a claim he was to be subject to punishment if his arrest report concerning Alli Bibaud, daughter of Dudley District Court Judge Timothy Bibaud, included such details as her attempts to trade sexual favors in return for leniency and her unprompted admission that she obtained the heroin found in her possession by performing sex acts.

“In his memorandum, McKeon claims that his actions were legal and that he acted in ‘keeping with his statutory obligations’ when he ordered the police report written by the plaintiff to be altered,” Sceviour’s filing states. “However, the facts as pleaded in the complaint allege that McKeon was a participant in a nefarious plot to coerce the plaintiff, Trooper Ryan Sceviour, to participate in a felonious plan to alter and destroy official documents in order to bestow unwarranted favor on the daughter of a district court judge.”

Sceviour’s lawsuit describes the progression of his arrest report, from its approval by a supervising sergeant, to its review by another trooper assigned to court duty, and finally its acceptance by a magistrate from Worcester District Court, whereupon a criminal complaint was formerly issued.

“That should have been the end of the story; however, McKeon and his cohorts ensured that it was just the beginning,” Sceviour’s latest filing states.

The filing notes Judge Bibaud’s previous 20-year stint working as a prosecutor in the Worcester district attorney’s office and the fact that an attorney was mysteriously appointed to represent his daughter immediately following her October arrest. The filing also mentions Alli Bibaud’s brief employment at the office, and includes the claim that a clerk magistrate initially rebuffed efforts to replace Sceviour’s original arrest report with the altered version.

“The court never determined that the report contained ‘inappropriate and irrelevant material’; rather, in a shocking move, the Worcester DA’s office moved to redact the report after the fix was already in,” Sceviour claims.

“A judge at the Worcester District Court then allowed the lawyer’s atypical motion to impound the original report until the rescheduled arraignment date, purportedly in order to avoid ‘prejudicial pretrial publicity,’ and the lawyer’s motion to continue the arraignment was also allowed,” Sceviour points out in his filing, noting that the court quickly transferred the case out-of-county to Framingham over “conflict of interest” concerns.

“However, two days later, despite the fact that the report had already been impounded, the plaintiff was ordered to leave his residence immediately, travel over 90 miles to the State Police Barracks, and to create a new ‘original’ report, which was to be hand-delivered to the first assistant district attorney in Worcester,” Sceviour claims. “McKeon also ordered defendant Major Susan Anderson to destroy the official log containing the statements of Alli Bibaud and to order Trooper Ali Rei to alter her corresponding report.”

Anderson has also been named in Sceviour’s lawsuit, in addition to a second lawsuit filed by a State Police drug technician named Ali Rei who worked with Sceviour to process Bibaud’s report.

Sceviour’s filing continues:

McKeon and his second-in-command, Lieutenant Colonel Francis Hughes, retired days after Sceviour and Rei filed their federal lawsuits.

“Those two conspirators abruptly retired shortly after the press began covering their illegal conspiracy,” Sceviour claims in his latest filing. “The plaintiff then became the public and private scapegoat for high-ranking officials, including McKeon, to explain away their felonious conduct.”

Governor Charlie Baker has said that McKeon and Hughes retired “on their own” and were not forced to resign. Baker has also denied claims that his secretary of public safety and security, Daniel Bennett, was involved in the order to alter Bibaud’s arrest report.

Responding to allegations that Early and others inside the Worcester County district attorney’s office played a role in the alleged conspiracy, a spokesman for the office contacted by the Worcester Telegram & Gazette declined comment, citing pending litigation.

“The coordinated criminal efforts of the high-ranking government officials described in the complaint, including McKeon, in obstructing justice, tampering with evidence, the intimidation of a witness, and publicly shaming the plaintiff for acting inappropriately when he conducted himself lawfully and admirably, constitutes corruption that chills to the bone,” Sceviour claims in his filing.

A scheduling conference is slated for this coming Monday.

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