Two More Abrupt Resignations from Massachusetts State Police Brass Connected To ‘TrooperGate’ Scandal

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UPDATED 1 A.M. 2/24/18

Two additional high-ranking State Police officials with connections to the judge’s daughter scandal have abruptly retired, the head of the Massachusetts State Police announced Friday night.

Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Risteen, commander of the Division of Field Services, and Major Susan Anderson, commander of Troop C in Holden, have retired. Both have been implicated in an order to a state trooper in October to scrub embarrassing details from a police report concerning the arrest of a judge’s daughter.

The judge’s daughter, Alli Bibaud, told State Trooper Ryan Sceviour when he arrived at an accident scene and found drugs in the car that she had performed sex acts to obtain heroin and offered to perform sex acts on him in exchange for leniency, according to Sceviour. But when he put those details in a police report he was ordered to remove them and reprimanded, according to a federal lawsuit Sceviour filed against several high-ranking State Police officials.

Anderson is a defendant in the case. Risteen has hired a lawyer to represent him in it, even though he has not at this point been designated a defendant by name.

Recently retired State Police Major Susan Anderson. (Facebook)

Risteen is also implicated in a new investigation of how a woman who once testified that she sold marijuana, hid drug money, and lied to a grand jury managed to become a state trooper. Roughly a year after Genduso testified against a drug trafficker who was a former live-in boyfriend of hers, she was hired as a State Police dispatcher, working under director Gary L. McLaughlin.

McLaughlin died last May following a lengthy illness, but posted (see below) a professional endorsement to Genduso’s LinkedIn account in June 2015, where he stated that Genduso’s “efforts are in keeping with the highest traditions of the Massachusetts State Police.”


Risteen and the state trooper, Leigha Genduso, were boyfriend and girlfriend at the time of her promotion from dispatcher to state trooper.

Records show that Genduso graduated from the Massachusetts State Police Academy in May 2014. By December, Genduso landed a position with the K-9 unit. 

The Worcester-based blog,, has posted posted photos pulled from Facebook indicating that Risteen and Genduso had been in a relationship since at least September 2011.

Genduso was placed on administrative leave earlier this week. Risteen has not yet responded to a request for comment, while Genduso could not be reached. 

Colonel Kerry A. Gilpin, who leads the agency, “continued her restructuring of the Command Staff of the Massachusetts State Police and has accepted the retirements,” according to a statement from a press spokesman.

Robert Favuzza, the major in charge of Troop E, which patrols the Massachusetts Turnpike, the three Boston Harbor tunnels, and the Tobin Bridge, is replacing Risteen as lieutenant colonel in charge of Field Services. Thomas Zona, a captain who most recently served as deputy commander of Tactical Operations, is replacing Anderson as major in charge of the Holden barracks.

Risteen and Anderson are the third and fourth State Police officials to retire abruptly in connection with the scandal, known as TrooperGate. In November, shortly after the scandal became public, the two top State Police officials retired – Richard McKeon, who was the superintendent at the time and held the rank of colonel; and Francis Hughes, the lieutenant colonel who was second in command.

Read the transcripts of Genduso’s February 2007 testimony in the federal drug-related case against since-convicted ex-boyfriend, Sean Bucci:

2007-02-22 Genduso Testimony 01 by Evan on Scribd

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