GOP Presidential Candidate Joe Walsh Mysteriously Absent From His Own Campaign Events 

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Republican presidential candidate Joe Walsh (R-Illinois) was a no-show at one of his own campaign events on Thursday afternoon, leaving some in confusion.

Walsh, a former Republican congressman from Illinois, was scheduled to appear at the Common Man, a pub in Concord, New Hampshire, for a meet-and-greet for his Republican primary presidential campaign. However, when a reporter for New Boston Post and others attempted to attend the event, they were told no such event had been scheduled.

One employee, who asked not to be named, explained that the Walsh campaign never scheduled an event at the venue despite one being listed on the campaign’s web site.

Although the campaign allowed people to register for the event, no one from the campaign contacted anyone telling to announce that the event would not occur.

As a result, the eight people who wanted to attend the event were asked to leave the facility.

One of those people was 23-year-old Nathan Rollins, an unenrolled voter who came up from East Bridgewater, Massachusetts on his day off from work.

“It’s just disappointing, man,” he said. “I like coming up here, checking out these events and hearing what all of the different candidates have to say. But for him to just not show up with no warning, it’s not a great look.”

An unenrolled voter, Rollins would not disclose who he is voting for, but he said it would not be Walsh.

A previously undecided voter who wanted to attend the event named Cody, a 28-year-old from Concord who asked that his last name not be used, now said his mind is made up.

“I guess I’m gonna vote Trump now,” he told New Boston Post. “Weld’s for affirmative action and abortion, so no shot for him. But I can’t vote for someone who doesn’t respect potential voters.”

New Boston Post immediately called Walsh’s campaign headquarters to see what had happened with the event. However, the telephone call went to voice mail. 

The Common Man was not the only venue Walsh was supposed to meet potential voters on Thursday, February 6 where he did not show up.

New Boston Post contacted Café la Reine in Manchester where Walsh had a coffee meet-and-greet. According to an employee of the cafe, no event occurred there.

Walsh also scheduled to appear at Murphy’s Diner in Manchester. A woman who answered the telephone at the diner told New Boston Post there was no Walsh event there, either.

Walsh did attend an event at the Red Arrow Diner in Manchester, as NBC New York reported. However, it was just one of four events Walsh had scheduled for the day according to his campaign web site.


poll put out by Franklin Pierce earlier this week showed Walsh is polling third among New Hampshire Republican primary voters. In the poll, 3.4 percent of voters said they would support him — which puts him behind both Trump (71.5 percent) and Bill Weld (6.8 percent).

Walsh struggled in the Iowa Republican Caucuses earlier this week, getting 1.1 percent of the vote. He finished third behind Trump (97.1 percent) and Weld (1.3 percent). Trump earned 39 delegates, Weld got one and Walsh did not receive any.