Bill Weld Drops Out of 2020 Presidential Race

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Former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld will not be the next President of the United States, or the Republican Party’s presidential nominee.

Weld, who primaried incumbent President Donald Trump, dropped out of the presidential race on Wednesday afternoon after failing to win any states.

Weld had received fewer than 10 percent of the vote in every state in the primary before dropping out. States he hoped to perform well in include New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Utah.

Weld and Trump have many differences of opinion, particularly on social issues. Weld supports legal abortion, affirmative action, increased immigration levels, and a carbon tax.

However, on many occasions, Weld has described himself as an “economic conservative” and critiqued the Trump administration for increasing the federal deficit.

Weld ran as the Libertarian Party’s vice presidential nominee in 2016, but he told New Boston Post earlier this year that he will not seek that party’s presidential nomination in 2020.

Weld has said in the recent past that if former Vice President Joe Biden wins the Democratic Party’s nomination, he will support Biden over Trump.