Cape Cod Republican Club Disavows GOP Activist For Social Media Posts About Protests and Riots

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The Cape Cod Republican Club recently distanced itself from one of its members as a result of comments he made on social media about the protests and riots that have taken place over the past couple of weeks. 

The club calls recent posts by Adam Lange “vile,” but Lange says he’s calling out what he describes as the false narrative of Black Lives Matter.

Lange is the founder of United Cape Patriots, and is the organizer of recent standouts at the Bourne Rotary and elsewhere on the Cape in support of re-opening the Cape’s economy and of President Donald Trump.

On Thursday, June 4, the Cape Cod Republican Club posted a statement on Facebook regarding Lange.

“For the record. Adam Lange does not speak for, nor Represent the Cape Cod Republican Club. We condemn his vile statements over the last few days,” the club said in the post. “The Republican party was born out of the simple belief that no human life is worth less than another. He seems to miss that point.”

Lange provided a statement defending his Facebook posts, but some have been deleted from his page “Adam Lange for Cape GOP.” However, screenshots of some are still available.

One post Lange deleted, referring to the group Black Lives Matter, states:  “You think BLM knows the Cape is 94% white, 1% black, and there’s no leverage to reduce racism here? Or do they have another objective?”

The post was in response to a Black Lives Matter protest scheduled to take place Saturday, June 6 in Hyannis.

Lange told New Boston Post in an email message that this was the post that caused much of the controversy. He wrote, “I’ve deleted the post in an effort to slow the destruction of my Facebook page.”

A couple of other of Lange’s posts also sparked negative feedback.

Another deleted post said, “Stage 3 Moonbat Alert:  3 overweight white girls observed at Hyannis Rotary with BLM signs. Do not feed.”

And another read, “Is social distancing now only required in white communities?”

Lange told New Boston Post he deleted the posts due to negative backlash from liberal activists. He said this negative backlash included a woman from Orleans posting his address and the telephone numbers of him and his 89-year-old mother.

On his personal Facebook page, Lange also has a public post that has not been deleted but also has drawn fire.

He shared a video of police using violence during riots over the past couple of weeks. His caption was “2020 rioting greatest hits.”


Lange responded to the criticism with an email message to the press that makes reference to videos on the Internet showing representatives of Black Lives Matter asking white people to kneel to show solidarity with the group’s aims. 


I stand by my questioning the motives of BLM targeting our community. As a conservative, I cannot support their anti-law enforcement agenda. I don’t care what their race or nationality is, nor should I.

We should hold officers accountable who use excessive force, but a solid body of evidence finds no structural bias in the criminal-justice system with regard to arrests, prosecution or sentencing. Crime and suspect behavior, not race, determine most police actions.

It’s an Obama-era false narrative, now promoted by Elizabeth Warren, Julian Cyr, and our liberal media.

Sadly their claims of systemic police racism don’t even pass the smell test, their current demands to defund police and close prisons would destroy our country, but because of our PC culture organizations like the Cape Cod Republican Club support them.

So before you kneel before them, understand their end game, and ask yourself if their vision for America aligns with yours.

At the bottom of his statement, he provided a link to a recent Wall Street Journal opinion piece titled “The Myth of Systemic Police Racism” written by Heather Mac Donald, a fellow at the Manhattan Institute, which argues that statistics show that police in the United States do not kill a disproportionately high number of blacks if you factor in the the crime rates among races. The column also states:  “A solid body of evidence finds no structural bias in the criminal-justice system with regard to arrests, prosecution or sentencing. Crime and suspect behavior, not race, determine most police actions.”

A spokesman for the Cape Cod Republican Club could not be immediately reached for comment on Friday.