Charlie Chase Joins United Cape Patriots At Bourne Rotary

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For the ninth straight weekend, United Cape Patriots held a standout to support both the police and President Donald Trump — this time with a couple of special guests. 

Organizer Adam Lange hosted both Charlie Chase, an 82-year-old veteran who was recently physically attacked in Fall River for supporting Trump, and Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson at the event, which took place at the Bourne Rotary on Saturday afternoon.

Chase declined to talk to reporters at the request of his lawyer. But other attendees said they were proud supporters of his — and happy to be at an event with him.

Sharon Mitchell, a grandmother, commended Chase on attending the event.

“God bless him,” she said. “This is what America’s about. It kills me when I find out people are committing acts of violence, especially against the elderly. 

Mitchell said when it comes to supporting Trump, people need to look at his record governing the country.

“We had eight years of Obama, and it didn’t go well,” she said. “We have Trump and it’s going well. I don’t care about his personal life. He’s doing everything I elected him to do. I’m of Mexican heritage and I support the wall. This means a lot to me to be here.”

Sheriff Hodgson, who met with many supporters of his at the event, said he was happy to see Chase. He also said he expects an increase in the number of pro-Trump demonstrations across the state.

“This is really a reflection of what’s going to happen across America,” Hodgson said. “This president has taken a business approach to America and it’s tipped Washington on its head. People recognize that he’s made a difference on the issues that matter, so you’re gonna see a lot more outpouring of support across the state.”

Hodgson is the honorary chairman of Trump’s 2020 Massachusetts re-election campaign. He said he is thrilled to have the position.

“I’m so proud of our president and I’m honored to have the opportunity to serve as the campaign chairman in this state because I’ve never seen a president accomplish more in such a little period of time,” he said. “At this point in our history, seeing what he’s done in three years, it’s time for all of us to have his back. He’s had ours. We gotta get him re-elected and have another four great years of him as president.”

Additionally, 58-year-old Chuck Parry said he was honored to be at the same event as Chase.

“It’s really sad and unfortunate what happened to Charlie, but it’s great to see him out waving to people, holding up signs, and talking to some fellow Trump supporters,” he said. “I hope he comes out again sometime.”