Rayla Campbell Holds First Official Campaign Event In Randolph

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Hoping to unseat prominent incumbent Democrat Ayanna Pressley in Massachusetts’s Seventh Congressional District, Rayla Campbell held her first official campaign event of the 2020 election cycle on Thursday afternoon.

A few dozen participants stopped by during the standout, called American Values, American Way, outside of Powers Farm in Randolph, where Campbell lives. They showed their support with signs and flags for Campbell, President Donald Trump, the Blue Lives Matter movement, and the U.S. military. A couple of protesters showed up, too.

Campbell, a Republican, is running in one of the most Democratic districts in the country. She seems unfazed.

“It’s really exciting,” Campbell, who plans to hold an event each week this summer, told New Boston Post. “Obviously, I’ve made a name for myself if I’ve got BLM and whatever this other guy who showed up is. For me, it’s just about the cause. It’s about standing out, and the love of my country. It’s about the good of the people, loving this country, and supporting President Donald Trump.”

The two people Campbell mentioned were agitators. One was a white man holding a sign that said “Allah Bless America” sign while dragging an American flag on the ground. The other was a black man with dreadlocks who called Trump supporters racist.

People at Campbell’s event mainly stood on the sidewalk facing North Main Street in Randolph, a busy thoroughfare where drivers frequently reacted. Many people waved, honked their horns, or gave a thumbs up for support; those supporters, like the supporters at Campbell’s event, came from various ethnic backgrounds.

“I love it,” Campbell said of the support she got. “It just goes to show how diverse we are and how as a community we all come together for the greater good.”

One black supporter who attended the event is Daje from Super Happy Fun America, who goes by one name.

“I just want to use the time that we can to support those who I think are qualified to represent our nation in whatever capacity,” Daje, who is openly homosexual, told New Boston Post. “There are some closeted Republicans around here and I’m pretty sure that they’ll vote Red this November.”

There were some negative reactions as well, including people who shouted profanities out the window or gave a thumbs down.

Campbell is running a write-in-and-sticker campaign in hopes of earning the Republican Party’s nomination in the seventh district, as New Boston Post reported earlier this week. She fell short of the 1,000 certified signatures she needed to make the September 1 primary ballot, so she will now need at least 2,000 votes in the primary to get on the November general election ballot. 

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker signed a bill earlier this week allowing all Bay Staters to vote by mail in the September primary and November general election if they wish. 

Campbell told New Boston Post that could help her cause because it means she can send people the stickers to put on their ballots.

“Definitely,” she said. “We’re gonna release those in a little bit and make sure everyone has their stickers. We’ll have to stay 150 feet away from the polling places, but we’ll make sure we’ll mail them out to people and make sure that they get it.”

Campbell said she plans to hold an event in another part of the Seventh district next week.