Joe Kennedy III Solicits Donations For His PAC, But Won’t Say What His Future Plans Are

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Is Joe Kennedy III running for office?

No, but he wants you to give him money.

Kennedy, a Newton resident who represents Massachusetts’s Fourth District in the U.S. House of Representatives, is not seeking re-election this November. The Democrat unsuccessfully primaried incumbent U.S. Senator Ed Markey. Kennedy hoped to continue his career in Congress by taking someone out who has been in it since 1976.

In all likelihood, Newton city councilor Jake Auchincloss will be Kennedy’s successor in the U.S. House. He is the Democratic Party’s nominee in the district, and the last time a Republican won a U.S. House seat in the state was 1994.

So what’s next for Kennedy? That’s unclear, but he does want political donations.

He sent out an email message to his supporters, asking them to contribute to his leadership political action committee, known as 4MA PAC, as Lisa Kashinsky of The Boston Herald reported on Twitter.

“I don’t have all my next steps figured out, but I know that, no matter what, I will be focused on helping to elect strong, progressive leaders up and down the ballot.”

In the email message, Kennedy also thanked his supporters and promised them he won’t be leaving politics.

“I want to tell you again how grateful I am for all the support, encouragement, and help you have me during my campaign,” he wrote. “I can’t imagine a better community to have had by my side. I’ll never, ever forget it. I’m taking some time to wrap up my service to the 4th Congressional District and to figure out what’s next for me. But I feel the weight of this national moment. And no matter what I do next, I know that I want to use the platform we’ve built together to support Democratic candidates at every level of government, to build a diverse and inclusive future for our Party, and to help take our country back.”

“Together we have a lot of power, even when the political world is as dizzying as it feels right now,” he added. “That’s why I’m not wasting any time getting back in the ring with you.”

The email message received criticism from Jordan Meehan, a self-identified Democratic socialist who unsuccessfully ran for state representative in the Democratic primary in the 17th Suffolk District (which covers the Allston and Brighton neighborhoods of Boston).

One of Meehan’s biggest problem s with it:  he didn’t like that Kennedy didn’t endorse local candidates, including in the Fourth District Democratic primary, earlier this year.

“Interesting move to start a PAC to ‘elect strong progressive leaders up and down the ballot’ months after not endorsing any down ballot progressive challengers and sapping money, volunteers, and resources from their campaigns!” he wrote.


Kennedy endorsed Auchincloss as his successor in an email message to Auchincloss supporters on Thursday morning.

“Representing the people of the 4th District in Congress has been the honor of my career,” the statement reads. “I’m so incredibly grateful for the friendship, the trust, and the support you gave me over the years. I’ll never forget it.”

“But today, I’m looking towards the future,” he added. “And I’m proud to endorse Jake Auchincloss to succeed me in this seat. I know Jake, and I know how well-served my constituents will be by his leadership.”

In late August, political scientists told New Boston Post where they thought Kennedy may end up if he lost the primary election against Markey. Some offices they said he could run for include Attorney General, Governor, and U.S. Senator. Additionally, they predicted that Kennedy could end up in the administration if Democratic nominee Joe Biden wins the presidency, or he could end up with a lucrative career in the private sector.