Five Bad Things Joe Biden Has Already Done As President

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President Joe Biden has only been in office for a couple of days, but he is already taking action.

What type of action is he taking, you may ask? He’s taking the kinds of actions that will irk many conservatives. Here is a look at five things he has done so far that won’t unify the country.


1.  Kill Jobs

Will Biden be the jobs president? If he keeps this up, he won’t be. Biden signed a pair of executive orders that will kill jobs.  One stopped construction of the Keystone XL pipeline and the other stopped construction of the U.S.-Mexico border barrier.

In response to Biden’s order, TC Energy, the company contracted to build the pipeline, will cut more than 1,000 jobs, Newsweek reports. It’s unclear how many construction jobs will no longer exist on the U.S.-Mexico border as a result of Biden’s order there. However, Mark Morgan, acting commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, in December state on Twitter that the action would cost “thousands” of jobs.

Even if Biden has other policies that create jobs, there are no guarantees that those jobs will go to these same people losing theirs or are located anywhere near where these people live.


2.  Weaken Border Security

There is another downside to preventing more wall from being built along the U.S.-Mexico border:  weaker border security.

As of January 12, 453 miles of border wall had been completed out of 738 miles’ worth that had been funded. In other words, Biden may have prevented more than 275 miles of border wall from being built with his executive order. If he wants to make it easier to illegally immigrate to the United States, then he deserves credit. If not, he deserves condemnation.

His administration will also halt deportations for 100 days with exemptions for people suspected of terrorism or national security concerns, according to NBC News.

Sadly, Biden seems to be making it easier for illegal immigrants to come to this country. He might not have to live with the downsides of the policy, but the rest of us will.


3.  Subsidize Abortion Internationally

It’s bad enough that Biden wants to repeal the Hyde Amendment to provide more taxpayer-funded abortions in the United States. However, it’s even worse that Biden already committed to subsidizing abortion in other countries.

On Thursday, Dr. Anthony Fauci announced that the Biden administration will repeal the Mexico City Policy. The policy, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, “requires foreign non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to certify that they will not ‘perform or actively promote abortion as a method of family planning’ using funds from any source (including non-U.S. funds) as a condition of receiving U.S. government global family planning assistance and, as of Jan. 23, 2017, most other U.S. global health assistance.”

Every Republican president since Ronald Reagan has enacted the policy while every Democrat since has reversed it.

It seems like helping homeless veterans might be a better use of our money.


4.  Raise Insulin Costs

If people voted for Biden because they thought he would lower insulin costs, there may be some disappointment now.

The price will go up for some people, at least temporarily, thanks to an action from the Biden administration. The news web site Modern Healthcare News explains how Biden’s administration did it:


The Biden administration on Thursday delayed a rule that would block community health centers from receiving future grant funds unless they charge low-income patients the acquisition price for insulin and Epi-Pens, plus an administration fee.

HHS signed off on the rule in December, shortly before former President Donald Trump left office. It aims to lower patients’ out-of-pocket costs by forcing community clinics to pass on their 340B drug discounts. The rule requires federally qualified health centers to give their discounts to the uninsured, patients with high cost-sharing for insulin or Epi-Pens or a high unmet deductible.

It was originally slated to take effect Jan. 22, but HHS delayed it until Mar. 22. The Biden team could eventually withdraw the rule to prevent it from taking effect at all.


So that means Biden’s people pushed this discount back by at least two months — and could scrap it altogether. That doesn’t seem like it will help the American people.


5.  Ruin Women’s Sports 

If you’re a male who identifies as a female and want to use your biological advantages to dominate girls’ sports, you’re in luck.

Biden signed an executive order that in part says, “Children should be able to learn without worrying about whether they will be denied access to the restroom, the locker room, or school sports.  Adults should be able to earn a living and pursue a vocation knowing that they will not be fired, demoted, or mistreated because of whom they go home to or because how they dress does not conform to sex-based stereotypes.”

So not only does Biden want to have boys take playing time away from girls and make it more difficult for girls to be competitive athletically, but he also thinks we should force young girls to be in the same locker rooms as boys who say they are girls.

Let’s hope this receives pushback in the courts or that states refuse to comply — as liberal communities do with immigration policy.