Top Nine Non-Woke High Schools in Massachusetts

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Tired of schools controlled by liberal teachers’ unions refusing to teach students in person and super-secular “educators” pushing woke garbage onto your children?

Public schools have gone from encouraging religion to ignoring religion to undermining religion to attacking religion. The result is often anti-Christian propaganda and endorsement of falsehoods about the human condition and body.

Private schools aren’t automatically better. Some promote the propaganda known as critical race theory and promote Cancel Culture. Some teach their students lies about how boys and girls can find happiness.

But not every school in Massachusetts is like that. Outside of homeschooling your kids, there are other options out there to try to encourage traditional values in children. Here is a look at some of the top non-woke schools in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


1.  Boston Trinity Academy

A co-ed faith-based school in Hyde Park with 235 students in the 6-12th grades, Boston Trinity Academy is committed to a classical Christian and character-building education without shallow, polarizing, and politically-correct solutions.

The school is known for its academic excellence. Each student is required to successfully complete three Advanced Placement courses in order to graduate, and seniors must research, write, and orally defend a 20-to-25-page paper in which they analyze a problem in the world from the perspective of both Christian ethics and moral philosophy.

The school has also has been named by as the most diverse private high school in Massachusetts.


2.  Bradford Christian Academy

This K-12 Christian school in Haverhill makes the Bible a part of its core curriculum at all grade levels. Older students attend chapel services Monday through Thursday, and the school organizes overseas mission trips each year, according to the school’s web site.

The school has a seven-to-one student-to-teacher ratio to ensure that children receive individualized attention while learning.


3.  St. Sebastian’s School

A Catholic all-boys school in Needham that serves grades 7-12, St. Sebastian’s hasn’t forgotten what the goal of a Christian education is.

“We seek to inspire the integrated, happy, healthy, holy life that God wants us to live,” the school says. “… And we want them to go to heaven.”


The school’s mission statement says that “The ideal St. Sebastian’s graduate will be a moral and just person, a gentleman of courage, honor, and wisdom, a life-long learner who continues to grow in his capacity to know, to love, and to serve God and neighbor.”

Each day begins with 7:15 a.m. Mass (which is optional to attend). Students have to complete a community service requirement to graduate.


4.  Covenant Christian Academy

This private pre-K-through-grade-12 school in Peabody offers a faith-rooted education.

“The conviction of absolute truth lies at the core of a Covenant education:  God is the source of all realities and ultimate truth in the universe,” the school’s web site says.

The school uses the classical patterns of grammar, logic, and rhetoric to form students. Graduates are expected to master the English language.


5.  Trinity Christian Academy of Cape Cod

This pre-K-through-grade-12 Christian school in Barnstable offers a simple and forthright statement of Christian faith on its web site.

The summer reading assignment for students going into senior year memorize Psalm 19. (“The precepts of the Lord are right, rejoicing the heart. The command of the Lord is clear, enlightening the eye.”) It’s for a class called “Interpreting the Bible.”


6.  Whitinsville Christian School

The private K-12 Christian day school in Whitinsville seeks to prepare students for “Christ-like service in God’s world.”

The Bible is part of the school’s core curriculum.

The school’s web site also states that the school is “a place where students and teachers strive every day to grow in character, faith, and knowledge, giving glory to God …”


7.  Trivium School

This grades-7-through-12 Catholic school in Lancaster has the three facets of classical Greek education — grammar, logic, rhetoric — embodied in its name.

Trivium offers a sort of Great Books program at the high school level. The school emphasizes Socratic discussion, meaning students are encouraged to engage with the texts on their own and then probe it by asking questions about it. But they’re not left on their own — students are constantly reminded of what is good, true, and beautiful.

The school describes itself as “loyal to the Sacred Scriptures and Holy Tradition as mediated by the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church” — not something you can assume about a Catholic school these days.


8.  Immaculate Heart of Mary School

This Catholic school in the Still River village of the town of Harvard serves grades 1 through 12 by reminding them what is important in life — including, well, life.

In an age when certain purportedly religious schools discourage pro-life activity on campus, Immaculate Heart of Mary touts its pro-life student organization. Members of the Saint John the Baptist Pro-Life League agree to say a decade of the rosary every day to end abortion.

In 2015 the school stopped marching in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in South Boston when organizers started letting homosexuality advocates promulgate their ideology in the parade. As the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts points out:  The religious sisters associated with the school, the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, performed a memorable musical explanation called “Leaving of Boston” (to the tune of “The Leaving of Liverpool”), available on YouTube.


9.  Lexington Christian Academy

This Christian school in Lexington serves students in grades 6-12 — by trying to help them learn how to serve God.

All students are encouraged to “Understand God’s love for them. Develop a deeper relationship with Him. Understand Biblical narrative. Know how to apply Scripture to their daily lives. Develop deep convictions to love and serve their neighbors. Offer spiritual leadership within their homes, churches and communities.”

As for academics … the school offers concentration programs for students who want to learn certain skills before they graduate, including science, technology, engineering, and math.


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