Elizabeth Warren Says She Won’t Run For President Again, Will Seek Senate Re-Election

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U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Cambridge) says she plans to run for a third term in the Senate — not for president — in 2024.

Warren says she won’t run for the Democratic Party’s nomination for president of the United States, as she did in 2020, but wants to continue helping the progressive cause in the Senate.

“Joe Biden is running for re-election in 2024. My job right now is to help him succeed,” she told The Boston Globe over the weekend. “I’m not running for president, no.”

She reiterated her public position that Biden will run for re-election in another interview over the weekend.

“Joe Biden is running for reelection. I plan on helping him, and I plan on staying in the Senate,” she told WBZ’s Jon Keller, according to Politico.

Warren unsuccessfully sought the Democratic Party’s nomination for president in 2020. She failed to win a single state before dropping out, including her home state of Massachusetts. She also continued a trend that is true of major party candidates. No major party candidate who comes from a state that borders New Hampshire has ever won a party nomination without winning the Granite State.

As a Harvard Law School professor, Warren first ran for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts in 2012. She faced off against then-incumbent Republican Senator Scott Brown. She won the race with 53.3 percent of the vote to Brown’s 45.8 percent.

Warren had no problem winning re-election in 2018 — and claimed during her campaign that she had no plans to run for president. It’s a claim that CNN Editor-at-large Chris Cillizza told his readers to not believe. Warren got 59.3 percent of the vote in her re-election bid while Republican nominee Geoff Diehl got 35.8 percent.

If Warren is the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts in 2024, she will be a strong favorite to win the race.