Joe Biden’s Disapproval Rating Continues To Rise

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President Joe Biden has middle-of-the-road approval ratings for a president so far, but that approval has dropped since he took office — and it has dropped most significantly with the group that decides who is president:  likely and registered voters.

As of Thursday afternoon, Biden’s average approval rating in all polls, was 52.9 percent while his disapproval rating was 40.8 percent. That means he had a 12.1-point net positive approval rating.

It’s on the positive side, suggesting significantly more people approve of his job performance than disapprove. But it’s lower than it was when he took office on January 20. He had a 17-point net approval rating when he entered the White House as president a little less than four months ago, according to FiveThirtyEight. The polls said then that 53 percent of Americans approved of him while 36 percent disapproved. That’s a net drop of 4.9 points during that time.

The drop is far greater among likely and registered voters. That’s because among those who don’t pay as much attention to politics, there has not been that much change in the public’s opinion of Biden. 

As of Thursday afternoon, Biden had a nine-point net approval rating among likely/registered voters. While 52.2 percent approved of the job he was doing, 43.2 percent did not. That means that his net approval rating with those people has dropped by 8.5 points since taking office. He initially had a 16.5-point net approval rating among likely/registered voters; 53.6 percent approved of him while 36.1 percent did not, according to FiveThirtyEight.

The decrease in Biden’s net popularity comes at a time when the United States faces many problems. There are gas shortages in the southeastern part of the country, rising gas prices nationwide, higher-than-projected inflation, high unemployment and yet a labor shortage (which critics argue is due to federal unemployment benefits), a migrant crisis at the United States-Mexico border, escalating tensions between Israel and Palestine (Biden supports Israel), as well as a coronavirus pandemic that has killed more than half a million Americans.


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