Homosexual Republican Congressional Candidate Jeffrey Sossa-Paquette Attacks Massachusetts Family Institute And Renew Massachusetts Coalition For Supporting The Traditional Family Unit

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An openly homosexual Republican Congressional candidate attacked organizations that promote traditional family values in a Facebook video on Tuesday morning.

Jeffrey Sossa-Paquette, who is running in the Second Congressional District in central Massachusetts, went after both the Massachusetts Family Institute and Renew Massachusetts Coalition, calling them bigots and extremists, and saying they have no place in the Republican Party.

“Sadly, a lot of people are leaving the Republican Party,” he said in the video. “They are leaving because of a few extremists who just can’t let go of bigotry and intolerance. They have names like Renew Massachusetts and The Family Institute and claim to have some corner on the values market much like state committeewoman Debbie Martell.”

“They’ve forgotten ours is a party of individual freedom and keeping government out of our private lives,” he added. “True conservatives don’t presume to tell others what a family should look like, who we should marry, or whether we should adopt kids. My answer to those few is not to leave the party I’ve supported for decades, but to fight for it. If anyone is going to leave the Republican Party, it needs to be the bigots and haters who have no place in any political party.”

Sossa-Paquette does not explain in the video what the Massachusetts Family Institute and the Renew Massachusetts Coalition have said that prompted him to describe them that way.

Both organizations are socially conservative. The Massachusetts Family Institute tried to help bring a ballot question to voters opposing same-sex marriage in 2005 and 2006 after the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court issued a 4-3 decision in 2004 legalizing it in the state. Both organizations supported a ballot question in 2018 that sought to repeal the state’s so-called Bathroom Bill, which prohibits so-called public accommodations from limiting their previously single-sex bathrooms to biological males and biological females.

Sossa-Paquette also criticized Debbie Martell, one of the 80 members of the Massachusetts Republican State Committee, in the video. According to a Boston Globe story published on Tuesday, June 1, Sossa-Paquette said that Martell was critical of him in a pair of email messages sent to other Republicans in the state last month.

“I heard he was a ‘married’ homosexual man, who adopted children. I was sickened to hear this,” Martell wrote in the email message, according to the Boston Globe.

Martell, according to the story, also wrote in an email message to Sossa-Paquette:  “I am a Catholic who loves God and His Ten Commandments. I wish the best for every person in the world, including you! What sickened me was that you adopted children. . . . Children deserve a mom and a dad. That’s how God designed marriage and the family.”

Jeffrey Sossa-Paquette is civilly married to a man named Julian Sossa-Paquette, according to his Facebook page. They have two adopted children.


The Massachusetts Family Institute, Renew Massachusetts Coalition, Martell, and Sossa-Paquette could not be reached for comment on Tuesday.

A Republican has not been elected to a U.S. House seat in Massachusetts since 1994.


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