Massachusetts Citizens For Life Puts Up Pro-Life Message On Springfield Billboard

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If you go to the city of Springfield, Massachusetts, you may see some pro-life messaging.

That’s because Massachusetts Citizens for Life recently bought advertising space on a billboard to spread the pro-life message.

The billboard shows an unborn baby at 20 weeks of development and says “She feels PAIN. Let her LIVE! Learn more at:”

The sign is visible for those driving south on Interstate 91 in Springfield as well as those traveling on East Columbus Avenue. It is near Exit 4 on the highway.

Massachusetts Citizens for Life officials estimate that the billboard will get two million views this month, or about half a million per week. The billboard ad will be there through Tuesday, July 27.

The reason for the image on the billboard is that it’s legal to abort an unborn baby at 20 weeks in this state. Elective abortions are legal up until 24 weeks. Abortions after 24 weeks are legal if the physical or mental health of the mother is at risk or if a fetus is diagnosed with a fatal condition predicted to lead to quick death after birth.

“One thing we know for certain:  she is fully human and our laws do not protect her right to life,” the Massachusetts Citizens for Life web site says of the unborn baby pictured on the billboard. “It is up to you and me to protect both her and her mother from abortion.”

It continues:

“Most individuals and voters are not taught fetal development, or worse, they choose to be naïve to justify their immoral pro-abortion positions. It is up to you and me to educate the general public about the humanity of the unborn while simultaneously exposing the radical abortion laws here in Massachusetts.”

An email sent by Massachusetts Citizens for Life president Myrna Maloney Flynn describes a few demographics that will see the billboard:


  • Drivers heading to the major hospital nearby where late-term abortions are performed

  • Hurting men, seeking the truth, perhaps desperate for a sign, intending to drive their partner to Springfield’s Planned Parenthood, just a mile up the road from our billboard

  • Women on their way to a pregnancy resource center called Clearway Clinic, wondering about the merit of “choice” in this “pro-choice” society, will see our billboard, just a few blocks from the life-affirming Clearway, and know for certain there is another way — a clear way — a route illuminated by truth. 


Massachusetts Citizens for Life has done billboard campaigns in the past, but this is the first in the past several years.


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